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Campania & Amalfi Coast Positano

Undoubtedly the most dramatic town on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is heart-stoppingly beautiful with its pastel-splashed houses clinging to the nearly vertical cliffs. Located between Amalfi and Sorrento, it is almost preposterous that anyone thought to build a town in this steep landscape, yet Positano has gone from sleepy fishing village to swanky resort that has attracted intellectuals, artists and stars for decades, and its popularity just continues to grow.
Location: Italy - Campania & Amalfi Coast - Salerno - Positano

How to Get There: The best way to arrive in Positano is by boat, to see the full effect of its setting on the hillside. You can catch a ferry from Sorrento, Amalfi or Salerno. Then you can return by bus on the Amalfi Coast road to see the famous cliffside road in all its twisty adventurous glory! (Buses run regularly from all the towns along the coast.)

Parking: Parking can be a problem and only one road permits traffic into town, which can be congested in summer. There are a couple of car parks on the main road coming into town, then you’ll walk the stair-stepped lanes into town.

Dining: There are plenty of restaurants, but many are small and fill up fast. It’s a good idea to reserve ahead.

Exploring Positano

There is only one road that will fit traffic on it! The streets are passageways and staircases, so this town isn’t for the feeble-footed! Meander through the lanes to discover the real appeal of Positano with garlands of flowers and colorfully painted tiles everywhere.

Spiaggia Grande, as the name suggests, is the biggest beach on the Amalfi Coast, where little coves are the norm. Here you can stretch out on the grey pebble beach and tan.

Or you can walk the lane along the cliffs called Via Positanesi d’America that leads to Fornillo Beach, where there are rainbowed rows of umbrellas and a few good restaurants to enjoy, too. (The street starts at Albergo Miramare in town.) You can take shuttle boats to Fornillo or to Laurito Beach, at the Marina.

Marina Grande is about the flattest piece of land you’ll find in Positano, where boats come in and where people gather, especially at sunset.

The Duomo is capped by an enormous and distinct tile-covered dome that is the defining landmark of Positano. Walk up along Via Cristoforo Colombo for fantastic views overlooking the sea to the romantic little rocky isles called Li Galli.

If you’re in good shape, you can walk up the 1500 steps to reach the village of Montepertuso, where you’ll get a good workout and then a gorgeous panorama as a reward. There are a few restaurants and bars up there for refreshments, too. Or, easier, take the bus up and then walk back down, which gives you a great vantage point to see Positano and the sea below as you descend. (Buses leave from Positano and are marked for Montepertuso. The path down starts at the church.)

For a sun-filled day in solitude, you can hire a water taxi at the marina to take you to one of the many hidden coves along the nearby coastline, a relaxing treat.


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