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Postcards - so much fun to receive!


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Since we can’t travel, maybe we could have some fun sending postcards to each other. @Shannon recently sent me a postcard from Montenegro and I posted a photo it on Instagram. Then @Tracy Allen saw the post, asked for my address and sent me a postcard from North Carolina. I received it today.

If you would like a postcard from Dorset, UK, send me a private message with your address. We are in lockdown right now but I have some postcards and the post office is open.

If you would like to send out a few postcards, post on this thread and ask people to contact you.

Remember, give out your address in private messages only. Click on the member’s avatar and start a conversation (private message).



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It's funny last year we were at a tourist shop in Florence and they had a rack of postcards. I said to my wife that is a dying business, who sends postcards any more? I remember many years ago the hassle of buying the cards and then finding a Post Office to buy stamps and then finding a place to mail them.

BTW, some European countries don't seem to even have post offices any more. I remember that The Netherlands and Germany had none to be found a few years ago.


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I had a postcard collection as a kid. Don't remember what happened to it. The stamp collection is still accumulating dust in the closet, though.... ;)


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On our trips to France, I always sent postcards to my elderly mother and neighbours and friends. On our early trips we did not have WIFI, so the children got them too. I sent fewer on our last trip in 2018, and a couple of times I ended up not buying a post card because I could not find one of the places I wanted. So maybe they are disappearing now since the advent of technology and social media.

I do know that my now 90 year old mother and our mostly elderly neighbours did enjoy getting a postcard. I tried to find ones that showed something different from home eg a pigeonnier or a hilltop village. I had already decided before our 2020 cancelled trip to France that I was going to write letters to my mother instead. I do that when we travel here at home and she loves getting them .


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I actually still receive postcards and hand-written letters from a friend in Switzerland. He's 50+ but never got used to email, go figure....:turtle:
Sometimes this gives me another stamp that will collect dust somewhere...


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I’ve got postcards (they sell them at our post office which is open during lockdown) and I’ve got stamps, but only 3 requests for postcards. Anyone else? Send me a private message with your address and I will happily send you a postcard!


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Look at what 'la postina' delivered the other day!


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Pauline, I just sent you our address. Let's see how long it takes a postcard to reach Hawaii. Thanks for the offer, and much aloha, Ann


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I, too, have received your postcard from Dorset. Thank you, Pauline.

How lucky you are to live near the sea. I used to watch a series via Sky with Charlie Luxton. He is an architect and has lived and worked in England, Scotland and Wales. Very relaxing voice, interviews and visits with folks who have built their Homes by the Sea, the name of his series. At the end of each location, he would sit by the sea and sketch a home he would like to build there.

One of the episodes was on the Jurassic coast in Dorset. Magnificent scenery.

italian excursion

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I, too, love the English coastal areas. The coast near Pauline is stunning. Years ago I watched a series called Coast which was a historical look at the coast of the entire British Isles. It was not just shot beautifully but the ancient stories were fascinating. Has anyone seen that old series?


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i got pauline's lovely postcard on december 26. it was mailed dec. 12, so exactly 2 weeks to hawaii. please forgive my typing, but i fell a couple of weeks ago and broke my arm, we had pizza for christmas dinner!

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