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Quiz 4 – English counties

Quiz 4 – English counties

Can you identify these English counties

County 1
Hosted the ‘Grand depart’ of the Tour de France in 2014 and is home to the lightly spiced cake called ‘Parkin’ and a pudding that was traditionally eaten at the start, not the end of a meal. Often referred to as God’s own country, at least by the locals.

Yorkshire (actually Yorkshire is these days split into smaller sub-counties, currently South, West and North Yorkshire plus East Riding of Yorkshire).

County 2
Almost completely separated by river from its sole neighbouring county, this county was famous for tin mining and smuggling, plus a dish that required no cutlery or crockery.


County 3
The county home of William Shakespeare, whose county cricket team is located in a different county. This county houses no cities, but in the past used to include two large industrial cities within it's boundaries.


County 4
For a short while was controversially called Salop, this quite agricultural county houses a UNESCO world heritage site centred on a huge iron structure, as well as a canal linking north and south.


County 5
Home of Queen Boudica’s Iceni tribe who briefly challenged the Romans in Britain, this county has a major series of lakes that were formed as a result of peat mining (and the subsequent flooding of the mines). The lakes however aren't referred to as lakes.


I won't be able to post a quiz next sunday, so if anyone fancies having a go, using the 'spoiler' function if you wish, or just setting question(s) in the format of your choice. First volunteer gets the job! Indeed I'm hoping there are a number of you that fancy having a go at setting quizzes, so we can have a different quizmaster every week.
Definitely the harder two questions IMO Pauline, though in my youth county 4 was in the news a lot over the name Salop and insinuations that it had another meaning in French that was less than pleasant.
Bravo to Colo for stepping forward to do the 5th quiz, and it's a tasty one!


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