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Real Story on the Cinque Terre boats?

The ferries from the Gulf of Tigullio (Servizio Marittimo del Tigullio) to the CT are suspended indefinitely, supposedly because permits were not received. Does anyone know if or when this service will be restored? The boats still run north of Sestri. It is only the CT lines that are shut down.
Thanks Pauline - I'm afraid this doesn't clear things up. The CT touristic line (the one on your poster) has continued to run without issues. It's a different company than the one up in SML (Servizio Marittimo del Tigullio). That company has suspended their services to the CT, AFAIK. It was a pretty nice deal to avoid the train from Sestri to Levanto or Monterosso. I have a group in Sestri the last week of June and usually recommend this boat to those wanting to visit the CT on a day trip.
Thanks for your very kind efforts though!!
For anyone interested, I received a definitive answer from the boat company this morning:

At the moment the line to the 5 Terre are suspended.

As soon as the situation change we update our website.

Thank you for your consideration

The boats north of Sestri are still running.


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