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Article Religious Walking Trails in the UK


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In today's Guardian there was an article about religious trails in the UK (No Religion Required, Britons Lace up their Boots as Pilgrimages Make a Comeback) but I cannot find the article on their website (I read the Daily Edition on my iPad). I am posting this here to remind me to find the link later.

The article talks about the religious trails in the UK and how they are being restored.

Here is another article about a religious trail in the south of England.

The Guardian - Walking to West Sussex: on a modern English pilgrimage, Nov 2016
Pilgrimages were once common in the UK. Now, a new trust aims to revive the tradition, in secular form. Alan Franks joins a walk from London to West Sussex to celebrate the song Jerusalem’s centenary


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Pauline, you might be interested in this. Last year when we stayed in Marazion, I saw a sign inside the church about "St. Michael's Way," a pilgrimage route in Cornwall, just 12.5 miles long. (We saw signs for the trail on the other end at Lelant, on our walk along the SWCP from St. Ives.) https://www.cornwalls.co.uk/walking/st_michaels_way.htm

So we can check this out when we're in Marazion in the fall. This is apparently part of the Santiago di Compostela (explained in the link).


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I suspect a fair number of the long-distance walks are based on old routes that may have had some religious significance in the past, others may be themed around a particular saint or site more as a modern branding than an established custom, e.g., the Saints Way in Cornwall, St Oswald's Way and St. Cuthbert's Way in the north. One that is both modern and probably old is the Walsingham Way, or of course the Pilgrims' Way to Canterbury.

PS: Is this the Guardian article you saw:

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