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Resources for Travel Information for 2020


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@Dave123 posted this link:
Reported Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance

@Alpinista posted this link:
Entry Bans, Other Restrictions and Concessions Due to the Coronavirus

I will add more here as we find them, but if you have good resources please post a reply on this thread.

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Thank you for the articles! Sharing with some of my other friends who need to get back to their other homes in Italy......Be well, everyone!


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From the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency): List of airports located in affected areas with high risk of transmission of the CoViD-19 infection. Check the latest update date: the URL may be different for later updates. This could be the basis for future loosenings of restrictions: more restrictions on people coming from more affected areas. For the USA, they list a limited number of states, but it's hard to find transatlantic flights from other states, even when airlines are fully operational.


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Things will probably change as possible "second waves" develop in countries that have come out of lock-down. Here in Israel, for example, there has been a small spike over the last few days - mostly involving schools or crowded communities - and everyone knows that this is an expected outcome of the lessening of restrictions. People feel that the worst is over, and are less observant. We are seeing this happen in other places in the world, so it's best to take this into account if/when planning in the near future.


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