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Restaurants - Trapani and Marsala


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Hi all:

I am going to Sicily and will be staying in Trapani 5 nights to explore the area. I have been before but don't recall any great meals besides Ai Lumi. Does anyone have recommendations in the area? Thanks!


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Hi Kelly

Not sure if you've been to Cantina Siciliana in the Jewish Quarter (where of course there haven't been any jews since 1491, but I digress). I had a lovely meal there; Pino Maggiore is a friend of Judy Witts Francini.... if you just say "Judy" they'll know who you mean. I remember a lovely pasta with pesto trapanese. And some lemon dessert.

There's another restaurant whose name I will try to remember ---- somehow between my two visits there, only a year apart, it had turned into a kind of tourist haven with poor service and not wonderful food.

Also a great gelato place near the water ...maybe Gelateria Gino.



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I haven't but I have it on my list (after looking at Judy's old posts) and am going to make a reservation. Anyone know anywhere else?

Jim Zurer

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Enjoy Trapani....one of my favorite Sicilian cities and criminally undervisited. The Trattoria del Sale out in the salt pans is very good.



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