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Information Restrictions to enter Italy


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Italy has initiated restrictions for anyone, even citizens, who enter the country by any means (plane, train, car, boat). You are required to report your presence to the Civil Protection and self-isolation for 14 days under the supervision of our health system. No time-line for these restrictions to end at this time. :confused:


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Part of an email I just received from the US Consulate in Naples (they are talking about the Italian Dept of State):

The Department of State has issued a Global Level 4 Health Advisory for COVID-19. Any travelers to Italy must self-quarantine in their home/hotel for 14 days even if they have no symptoms of COVID-19. As of March 28, before boarding, travelers will be required to complete and provide to their carrier a form specifying the purpose of their travel, the exact address where they will self-quarantine, their phone number and the vehicle they will use to reach their home/hotel. Travelers are not allowed to use public transportation to get to their place of quarantine. Individuals who are traveling to Italy for justifiable work purposes may postpone the period of quarantine by 72 hours, which can be extended an additional 48 hours if necessary. All travelers are required to inform the competent Local Health Authority (Azienda Sanitaria Locale - ASL) of their entry immediately. For a list of Local Health Authorities, please see http://www.paginesanitarie.com/Indirizzi_ASL_1_Gennaio_2005.pdf. For further details in English, please visit https://www.esteri.it/mae/en/ministero/normativaonline/decreto-iorestoacasa-domande-frequenti/focus-cittadini-italiani-in-rientro-dall-estero-e-cittadini-stranieri-in-italia.html .


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Italy is just now starting to talk about Phase 2 of our nationwide lock-down. This will focus on restarting industry, not travel. The virus spread from the north to the south so there is a delay in the infection/recovery curve depending on the region. They are saying this will be a "summer without travel".
It is too early to know when travel into and around Italy will be practical.


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They are saying this will be a "summer without travel".
Argh!! When I heard things in Italy were opening up my first thought was to book something on the Amalfi Coast! Imagine being there in the summer without big crowds! Still, we have to treat this situation with respect.

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While I appreciate the updates, it's always tricky with Italian rules/law/mandates. They are so mercurial and in this time of uncertainty everywhere, I will still cling to the hope of an opening early in the fall. Missing my spring trip is unbearable but any more than that and I won't be responsible for my actions!!! (OK, maybe I'm exaggerating due to isolation issues)!

I have guests who are signing up for an October tour so will go forward as usual and just do the wait and see boogie, like everyone else. Wishing all my fellow travelers and your families good health.


Did anyone watch Andrea Boccelli yesterday???


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Our region also requires anyone entering the region to quarantine and be tested.

Does that mean you can’t leave your region? Are they setting up checkpoints at region borders?

In Dorset the police stop people coming into the county (or so I have read in local papers) to check if they are traveling on essential business. They’ve turned back people from London driving out to the countryside. But we are still on lockdown. Who knows what they will do when we start to open up?


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Does that mean you can’t leave your region? Are they setting up checkpoints at region borders
Travel between regions is only allowed for health, work or absolute necessity or to return to place of residence, at least until 17th May. The last reason is why some southern regions of Italy are setting up quarantine measures, as workers who are now unemployed or students whose universities have closed may return home.
In Lombardy today is the first day when it is legal to go for a walk further than 200 metres from place of residence!


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Until today you weren't allowed to leave your town without a valid reason - work, medical emergency, etc. You had to be ready to produce a "self-authorization" document if stopped. In Italy they can stop you anywhere and there have been news reports showing checkpoints at all the major roads coming into Basilicata. You will still need the self-authorization form.

As Tina mentions, there have been restrictions as to how far you can go from your house, I've not heard of anything greater than 500 meters...no mile long walks into the countryside.

The train, bus and airlines in Italy are booked for at least a week with people heading south. When they arrive in Basilicata they are supposed to be met by authorities to verify where they will be quarantined and arrange to be tested for the virus.

Our first positive corona virus case in Basilicata came from a worker returning from Lombardia 2 months ago. We genuinely fear an inundation of asymptomatic people returning from the north and causing a spike in cases. Fortunately our regional government seems to be planning for the worst case scenario.


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Currently there are no direct flights between the US and Italy, connections have to be made in northern Europe. Unclear if this is due to lack of traffic or government actions.


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Scene at the main train station in Potenza on Monday from a local newspaper.


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Currently there are no direct flights between the US and Italy, connections have to be made in northern Europe. Unclear if this is due to lack of traffic or government actions.

I have found this site to be helpful with daily updates on travel statuses by country. I received a notice of change from United Airlines for my flight from Dulles to FCO for early September saying that I was now "wait listed" for that flight (which is no longer scheduled; assume I'll be put back on the flight if it resumes), but that I am booked on a flight from Newark -- be still my beating heart -- to FCO. I am seeing newspaper articles about varying approaches by EU countries in allowing flights in from outside the Schengen Zone, some not until September/October (France); some even later (Denmark and others); but Italy was noted as still not having set a firm policy. There is also a question of mandatory quarantines upon arrival for which I am not seeing any definitive answers -- as in being allowed to transit from Rome to Lucca for our stay. For now, it just continues to be a wait and see approach for us.


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For now, it just continues to be a wait and see approach for us.

Same here. We have 5 days still booked for the beginning of October in Italy (without flight tickets), and what seemed like an impossible trip is now looking a bit different. The huge economic pressures to get things back on track are providing strong incentives to finding ways to adapt to this new reality, and it might turn out that taking a flight and a vacation abroad are not more dangerous than going to the local supermarket. Until there will be a useful vaccine - not a certainty at all - then it might be that we will all just have to get used to living in the virus's shadow for quite some time.

This is the first weekend in two months that we have allowed ourselves to go and visit our grandchildren, and walking around with them while we wear masks is turning out to be not as terrible as I thought. When the goal is very desirable, wearing a mask and distancing from strangers are not that hard...

So who knows, things are evolving at a different pace than a month ago, and "wait and see" might quite possibly still have the purchase of two flight tickets lurking there somewhere for us....
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and it might turn out that taking a flight and a vacation abroad are not more dangerous than going to the local supermarket.
That was my reasoning in early March and was why we went to Israel as planned. Turns out we would have been much safer in Israel (way fewer cases than the UK) but they wouldn’t let us stay.

I agree - wait and see. The picture is changing daily. I hope you get to do your trip!


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Adding a note mostly so that I can follow any posted updates. We are still booked for a mid-September trip and have not yet cancelled. We are hoping to travel if we can and will make a decision later as more information becomes available. My biggest concern with the planned trip is that we cross multiple regions--we fly into Bologna from Rome, then into Lombardia (Mantova), into the Veneto (Padova) and finally back into ER (Ferrara). So even though our trip looks easy on paper, crossing from one region to another is obviously a concern.

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