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Sabine Hills


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I’m considering a week in the Sabina hills/ upper Lazio/southern Umbria at the tail end of our Italy trip next Spring. We’ve visited the more central and northern areas of Umbria three times, and have always wanted to see more of this area. I’m starting to pull together a Google map of places of interest and looking for likely rental possibilities. If anyone has suggestions of places to include, and / or have experienced this area, please chime in! Interests include churches, interesting villages, scenery, food, art, artisans, wine, markets, walks.


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I’m sure you’ve been to Spoleto but I want to mention it because it is one of my favourite places and is in southern Umbria. There are nice places to rent there too.

We’ve spent a week there twice and the only reason we haven’t returned is that they closed that bridge at the top of town, the one that quickly leads to the hiking trails. They closed it because of possible damage from the last earthquake.

Amelia is a nice town south of Spoleto. They have magnificent town walls. In a trip report @Jim Zurer wrote about the Roman waterworks ?? in the area that I would like to see. And there are bits of Via Flaminia in the area, including good remains of a town.

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Yes, a visit to Otricoli would be a recommendation. The village sits up on a hill overlooking the approximately 9 acres of the remains and is very rich with the skeleton of this ancient port city. Once it was the hub of the olive oil trade on the Tiber (2000+ years ago). Of course Rome has all or most of any "treasures" once housed there but they couldn't take the building remains. The best part is that is it little known and you may not even encounter anyone while you wander there. The owners have allowed archeologists from Rome to describe the story of each ruin, too, in English and Italian, which is rare for a private property. The town is in inhabited by only about 500 people so not much commerce but incredible views and worth a stroll through. There are just a couple of eateries but also quite good food. Enjoy!
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