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Scenarios for travel in the near future


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We all here want to go on trip and have a good vacation. Though it is important to understand and realize how dangerous it can be at the moment of the trip. Personally I'm not going to travel abroad in the nearest future. I'm sure, there are many great places in your motherland. In my opiunion, it is better and safer to go camping than visiting new places.


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....... it is better and safer to go camping than visiting new places.
As long as you mentioned camping, we just took a trip stateside from Chicago, Illinois To Phoenix, Arizona in our travel trailer. My wife has a lot of relatives in Phoenix.

We stayed only at private campgrounds. From Illinois to Texas only self contained trailers were allowed at almost all campgrounds, since bathrooms and showers were closed at campgrounds. Most all had contactless check in, so you had to call ahead and make a reservation.

Campgrounds in Texas, New Mexico and southern Arizona had facilities open, but we just kept using the facilities in our trailer to stay safe.

We ran into extreme heat in Arizona 109F (42C) 111F (43C), so the air conditioner had to run 24/7. We also discovered when it's that hot in Arizona you can't take a cold shower to cool off, because the cold water is warm.


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