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Small town or village to use as a base for touring Normandy?

My husband and I plan to visit Normandy in Sept. 2019. We're currently planning to be there 4-5 nights, and we'll have a car to explore the region. I prefer smaller, picturesque, uncrowded towns/villages to lodge in. I had been thinking of Bayeaux as a place to stay, but am now reading on these forums that it's become very touristy. Does anyone have other recommendations?
I am tentatively planning four nights in Bayeux in October 2019 so will be interested in any input that you receive. It looks like a good base. We will not have benefit of a car at this point. It is only six miles from D-Day beaches. For what it's worth, Rick Steves' indicates, "It's manageable size of 14,000 makes Bayeux an ideal home base for the area's sights, particularly if you lack a car".
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Bayeaux is touristy but it is a cute town and well located - close to Mont St Michel (very touristy - we just looked at it from afar instead of joining the crowds) and the Normandy Beaches (which are interesting but depressing, of course).

Another option would be to stay in northern Normandy. Maybe one of the beach towns? Honfleur, Etratat. We stayed near Dieppe and that part of northern Normandy and southern Picardy is nice. Dieppe would be a good seaside location.


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