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Switzerland with 85 Year Old MIL


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We spoke to a woman in the tourist office here about Spiez. She said the old town is nothing special but the area by the lake is lovely. You can take a boat across the lake.

There is a big Swiss Culture museum east of here near Brienz. She recommended it. They have recreated all the styles of Swiss farmhouses. I have a brochure but can't locate it. :)


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Was she talking about Ballenberg?



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So MIL Switzerland trip is a go for late June. Happily, SIL agreed to participate.

Larry and I will go to NYC, and fly to Zurich with MIL. After a week, SIL will arrive to take over. Larry and I will return home (we have trips planned for March and September, so can't stay in Europe). That second week will definitely be based in Weggis, MIL is still waffling over the first part. But at least the dates are set, and since Swiss had a sale this week, we locked in our flights.


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Update on the MIL trip. We could not get her to try something unfamiliar, so she will be spending her entire two weeks in Weggis. Larry and I will bring her over, and after seven days, Larry's sister will fly over to take over. We will have a car for that first week, so can do things without public transportation (Weggis is quite out of the way for most touring, except for boat tours or Mount Rigi) or tugging MIL up train steps. Fingers crossed for good weather! Here are some touring thigs I've come up with so far, would welcome others or hearing of experiences:

By Public Transportation

From Weggis, cablecar to Rigi Kaltbad, the cog up to Rigi Kulm. https://www.myswissalps.com/rigi/gettingthere

Boat around Lake Lucerne https://www.lakelucerne.ch/fileadmi...2_Fruehling/Ausflug_Weggis_Fruehling_2018.pdf

Ferry to Lucerne, explore Lucerne (MIL not interested in touring old town, or museums, but happy on lakeside bench)

Mount Pilatus--Ferry to Lucerne, train to Alpnachstad, cogwheel up. https://www.myswissalps.com/pilatus

Mt Stanserhorn--Take combo of boat and train or busses) ; cablecar to top http://www.stanserhorn.ch/en/travel/directions/ https://www.myswissalps.com/stanserhorn/gettingthere

Gotthard Panorama Express-- Boat to Fluellen, train to Locarno or Lugano. Check timetables carefully to get back to Weggis! Talk to the tourist office about timing, you may need to take bus to Weggis at the end. https://www.myswissalps.com/gotthardpanoramaexpress/gettingthere

Post bus to: ? Can do post bus through the passes after the roads open.

To do with car:

Mount Titlus, near Engelberg (cablecar to glacier; wildflower walks)

Mountain passes: https://driveeurope.co.uk/2014/07/27/sunday-4/

Engelberg--(1 hour) Monastery, cheese dairy;

Route 2, the St. Gotthard Pass Road, between Andermatt and Biasca. (1 hour to Andermatt, 1.5 hours pass each way, then back to Weggis--very long day)

Route 11, Sustenpass. Weggis to Wassen--1 hour; Wassen to Meiringen (stop at Gorge and R falls) ; then up and around through Lucerne back to Weggis.

Lauterbrennan--(1.5 hour drive) Trummelback Falls; then train up to Wengen, Murren;

Rainy Day--Lucerne Museums


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I haven’t done most of the things on your list, but I have been to Engelberg. My recommendation would be to not do the ride to the mountain top, but instead do one of the other lower level rides. Facing the end of the valley, on your left is a mountain ride (gondola?) where you could go up and then back down. On your left is my favourite ride. A gondola up, then a short walk (30 mins), to a chairlift up, then chairlift down and a short walk to a restaurant at Engsltenalp (?). We did this and had lunch there.

Our trip was 20 years ago so I may be remembering wrong. We did not do the big mountain ride because it goes too high, up to glacier. Those rides always seem the same to me.

We’ve also been to lauterbrunnen twice recently. Do you remember that you found that lovely vacation rental in that valley when researching a previous MIL trip? I think doing both Murren and Wengen is too much. Just do Murren.

Many of these rides are very expensive. Have a look at prices and compare with buying a pass, like half price card or some variation. It might not be worth it for a week.

You’ve got a lot to do in your list!


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Pauline said:
Those rides always seem the same to me.

You’ve got a lot to do in your list!

Yup. MIL's basic trip plan is "go up the mountain; go down the mountain" Repeat. Interspersed with "ride around the Lake looking at the mountains." Repeat. Or, spend hours on a train looking out the window--and then not leaving the station, but getting back on to do the return trip.

As I said above, it's her trip. I'm there to facilitate and pour Larry wine every night.
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Hi from Weggis! I started a thread in the trip reports forum, will post more details as time allows.
We are looking at road trip ideas for tomorrow. If we head toward Lauterbrennan for the Falls, would Wengan or Murren be the better choice for MIL? Or if we instead go to Engelberg, would there be a nice cablecar destination instead of the crowded Mount Titlus?


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From my memory, I think Wengan would be a better choice. Train ride is shorter but there are nice benches, lots of shops, etc. It is more of a walk from the train to the town of Murren and I think uphill a bit. I may be wrong though! It's been 15 years since I was there.

I notice you mention "tomorrow". Looking at the weather, it looks like rain in Murren (so I assume also Wengan) tomorrow. Partly cloudy on Monday and sunny the rest of the week, if you can put it off a day or two.

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