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The Humble Brilliance of Italy’s Moka Coffee Pot


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A nice article on this fundamental kitchen pot for coffee lovers, that is now losing its place. We have two at home, and even a large bag of beans for it from our October trip to Bologna. We bought the beans at the Caffe 14 Luglio, where my wife had her morning coffee and pastry, and I watched that corner of the city start its day (I bought a great bag of organic English Breakfast tea at Mondo di Eutepia in the same city, but that's another story...).
I was quite surprised to see the posh Nespresso machine and pod stores in Bologna - one of the reasons, apparently, for the decline in Moka pot sales....
Hi Joe
Yes I've noticed them as well. I'm not a fan of pod/nespresso, but I wonder whether some B&Bs feel obliged to get them for their foreign guests. I'm perfectly happy with a moka pot, and a few B&B places simply warm milk rather than trying to froth it, which is again fine with me.
Nespresso makes a decent enough cup, though I genuinely believe I see a discernible difference between that and a proper machine, plus on top of that is the additional cost / lack of flexibility in being tied to pods. Locally we have 3 great roasters in the city, plus another shop that buys widely to offer a wide range of different coffees. Giving those up to switch to nespresso would not be an option I'd consider.
p.s. we reduced our mokapot collection down to 2, from a high point of 5. The smaller one has even been to Italy with us, after a couple of places had poorly kept moka pots, but in recent visits, all have been good in the apartments we've stayed.


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