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The Netflix series Ripley


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Just what the Amalfi Coast needs, more tourists!

The Guardian: ‘This coast is saturated’: Italian village braces for post-Ripley crowds
Netflix hit series based on Patricia Highsmith novel brings prospect of surge in visitors to Atrani area of Amalfi coast

Atrani looks beautiful in this series, even in black and white. The article says they “closed” Atrani for a month to do the filming.
After watching a couple of episodes of the new Ripley, we downloaded the 1999 film--The Talented Mr. Ripley--starring Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jude Law. Such a contrast in style and approach....a really terrific film. (I will go back and finish the new Ripley, but Diana was creeped out by it.)
Maybe I need to give the new Ripley another chance. I couldn't even get through the first episode. I loved the 1999 version - creepy as it indeed was. The new Ripley just felt so dull and slow.
We are on the last episode and I have loved this series. It is slow, very slow, but something about that works for me with this story. I love the scenes of Italy too. We will watch that 1999 version again and I think I will reread the book. There are 5 Ripley books, but I think I read only the first many years ago.
Love..yes, very slow, but so much truer to the book than the Damon movie, which I did like. It’s all in the apprehension.
i am a a fan of Noir and this is a treat.
I only the first episode and I wouldn't say I liked it a lot so I never bothered to watch another episode.
Tom is a sociopath, but he really evolves as a tourist. He becomes adept at spotting taxi scams in Rome, and his Italian gets a lot better.
I finally finished the Netflix Ripley and agree with Pauline that it was slow, slow, slow....but I thought the photography was mesmerizing. The scenes in Rome, Venice, Atrani, Naples, Palermo are all magical in the high-contrast black and white photography....the early shots of the Appian Way at night are stunning.

I have just started reading the book...The Talented Mr. Ripley.
I started it based on seeing it here! First episode was a bit ho-hum, second also gave me the creeps but by the third I was hooked! The Italian scenery was beautiful, particularly Rome and Venice. I watched the Movie of it straight after... also gorgeous scenery. And yes, I've ordered the book from the library :D
I loved the new Ripley series! I never thought about it being slow. I thought the photography was beautiful, the scenery also. I was hooked on it from the beginning but even more so after each episode I watched

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