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Train from Florence vs plane to return to Zurich from FLR


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I love the train but the schedule from Firenze SMN is long ride and not all that direct - This is not what it used to be back in the day - SMN to Milano then to Chiasso and then direct to Zurich HB. The train trip would be near 10 hrs duration going through of all places Verona!
I am thinking of bagging the train and taking ITA Air from FLR to FCO to ZRH - duration is 6.5 hours with get this a 4 hr layover in FCO (Rome) - I am thinking this a better option as I need to be back at ZRH the following day. 9.26.22 to fly back to the States.
Difference in cost in US $ is about 30.00 US more on the plane.
If you were me - what would you do?
Rea J
Are you basing those train schedules on what's currently showing for September? Those are likely incomplete; it's better to look at schedules for the near future, and they'll probably be similar when the schedules are final. Now I'm seeing a recommended option taking about 5.5 hours with one change in Milan, although I'd prefer more than their 15-minute connection. Source: www.thetrainline.com .

If flying, Swiss has non-stop FLR-ZRH service, but I see that it's expensive on your apparent date. I'm not that keen on booking a Florence-Rome flight; it's a small plane subject to cancellation. If I had to fly from Rome, I'd be tempted to take the train from Florence; there are some direct trains to FCO Airport.
What about driving? You will be getting a car for your time in Tuscany. What are the extra charges to drop it off in Zurich? We used to do this, rent in one country - drop off in another, and the drop off fee was low. But I think it is higher now. Still, I would consider it if you enjoy driving.

Otherwise, I would do the train because I think it would be fun.
What about taking a connecting flight from FLR to ZUR which connects to your transatlantic flight to the United States, same day? Swiss has nonstop flights from FLR to ZUR.

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