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UK Heatwave in its Third Week


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The Independent - UK heatwave: More wildfires and food shortages loom as temperatures soar, July 2018
In some areas grass has stopped growing and crops are ripening too early while milk yields and animals’ winter food supplies are at risk

It has been hot in the UK for the past three week with temps in London in the low to mid 80s F. It is a bit cooler where we live on the coast in Dorset and a few days of cool sea mist have us a break. The hot weather continues this weekend and then cools a bit next week.

Our hills are golden making it look like California. I have to water my new hedge and flower garden every few days. This is unusual here. Usually we get a short heatwave or two, but not a long one this.

Riverford, where we get our weekly veg boxes, has announced problems because our very cold and wet winter delayed the start of planting and now there are water shortages.

Riverford Blog - Guy’s News, Praying for Thunder, July 2018

I am heading for the beach!
Our garden took a bit of a beating whilst we had a short break in France. Let's see what recovers.


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I have a lot of grass (mixed with weeds) and it is all brown. My new hedge is doing well!

Today it was 81F on the Dorset coast, hotter inland. We went swimming in the sea twice this weekend! The beach was busy.

Yes the grass has been allowed to go brown (and the many weeds with it). We can get too precious about a green lawn, and putting drinking water on it has seemed like a colossal waste for a while now. However the fruit and veg in the garden will feed us, so in my mind I trade off the water usage vs zero miles (and wonderfully tasty) food. Some peas went into tonight's omelette and they really are exceptional 10-15 minutes from picking to eating.
How many weeks has it been now? It is still hot. We were up in the Cotswolds for a few days last week and it was hotter there than here in Dorset. We are only getting low 70sF now, but it was 80F in the Cotswolds. I changed our reservation to a hotel with air conditioning!!

The hills are golden, the ground is hard and cracking. We had a little bit of rain on Friday, but that was it for weeks.
What is this mythical elixir 'rain' you talk of? o_O

Plenty of the veg has shut down in the heat, though the calabrese is doing well and we've had some lovely peas (though never very many). The apple tree is heavily laden and we've had a smattering of strawberries when the blackbirds didn't beat us there. Mixed bag really.
We had a bit of a torrential downpour on Friday driving home from the Cotswolds (on the very crowded M5 heading south). That was it.

Rain is forecast for today, but nothing after that for 2 weeks. Not our usual weather!!

Since this weather is good for your apples, maybe it is good for other things. The British cherries that are in the market are very good!


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