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TV Series Unorthodox on Netflix


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@Jim Zurer recommended this short Netflix series to me and I really liked it. It is based on the memoir of an American woman who leaves her Hasidic community in Brooklyn and goes to Berlin. The Hasidic community and life is portrayed in great detail. The woman are not educated and are married off early to start having children (to repopulate the Jewish community after the loses in the Holocaust). Yiddish is spoken in much of the series, with subtitles.

The story is about one young woman who leaves her marriage and community, claims her German citizenship based on family members killed in the Holocaust and moved to Berlin where there is a large community of American and Israeli Jews.

The main actress, Shira Haas, was in the Israeli series Shtisel.

Here is a good article about it in the LA Times.

Netflix has a “making of” for Unorthodox and it was interesting. Now I am going to read the book it was based on.


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We also really liked it. I looked up the wikipedia entry on Deborah Feldman and there are some good articles linked in the reference part from when the book was originally released in 2012.

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As a woman of Jewish heritage I have always been fascinated by the fundamentalist end of Judaism. Most especially in the US as it seems to have such an isolated existence here. This was one of the best films depicting this culture that I've seen. Not only was the acting outstanding but I was impressed with the compassionate way the husband of the protagonist was portrayed.



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I finished listening to the Audible version of the memoir this series was based on. The story in the memoir is much more detailed, as you would expect, and does not follow the plot of the series. In reality she had her son with her husband and did not leave for a few years after. She did not leave suddenly, but started drifting into a life of her own in secret and then left. I enjoyed the memoir.

I too am fascinated by cults and extreme religious groups.


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I watched the show, didn’t read the memoir. The young woman who played is an amazing actor. Although I didn’t much believe the latter parts of the show, I was happy to watch just for her performance.


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