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Wanting to Travel - aren’t we all?


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I am a fan of Patti Smith’s writing and subscribe to her essays on Substack. She loves to travel and frequently writes about travel in the US, the UK and Europe.

In today’s essay she wrote about a dream of being in a in Houston and ended with:

“Suddenly I wished to go somewhere, if not the chapel of my dream then to another hallowed place. A canvas of movement, living brushstrokes. The freedom to go. Boots, overcoat, foreign coins in the pocket. To breathe some other air, somewhere that was not here.”

The waiting is affecting all of us who are used to regular travel. Waiting to see when it will be safe, when we will be allowed to go.

Kathy (Trekcapri)

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Hi Pauline, that's a great quote. Thanks so much for sharing it. I miss traveling a lot and look forward to when it will be safe to travel. We are grateful to Shannon for allowing us to reschedule our GrapeHops Bulgaria 2020 Trip to April 2022. I'm looking forward to that trip a lot.

International Travel in 2021 is unlikely for me at least for now, but things are greatly improving so it's not off the table. It seems like in the US and in Europe vaccination roll outs have greatly improved in reducing the infection and spread, so that is good news. I'm really happy and relieved to be fully vaccinated and I think for the first time I feel really hopeful that we will be able to safely travel soon. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying doing research on potential future travel ideas while I wait.


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We are crossing our fingers and hoping we can get back to Italy soon. Meanwhile, we're getting ready: fully vaccinated, passport renewed, renewing Global Entry. We want to be ready as soon as we can safely travel.

Meanwhile, we're debating between recreating our planned trip from September 2020 (Bologna, Modena, Mantova, Padova, Ferrara) or visiting old friends and supporting their businesses (Rome, Umbria, Piemonte).

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