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Article Where do you want to go?


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Thanks for posting this article from the Guardian! I loved reading about so many off the beaten path places.


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I've been thinking about this all day. Where would I most want to go? I can't decide!! The reality is that we will probably have a week hiking in the Cotswolds in May or June when things open up here and we will do our hiking in Switzerland trip in September, but I keep picturing myself on the Amalfi Coast! We decided that our last trip there was the last one, because it is so crowded and difficult to manage, but my mind keeps going there.


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Was just talking to a friend today about growing up (both of us) in a factory town in WV in the 1950's at time when only the very rich traveled. Despite those beginnings, she covered more ground than I did, having worked as an international governmental consultant for 40+ years, but we share the amazement that we went further away than Pittsburgh.

The article above brought back great memories -- wandering the streets of London and NYC; being alone at the base of a mountain in Alaska while the plane flying my climbing group in for our ascent went back to get the next person in my group as we flew in one-by-one; enjoying bucket list trips to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos and Tanzania/Zanzibar; discovering Estonia on long summer days; and walking across Scotland (Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness to Aberdeen) on one trip and England on another (Hadrian's Wall Trail). Even with those as "already done", am now filled with some great new ideas on future trips (just have to keep having birthdays).

Next trip up that is "for sure" is Belize in May and still hoping against hope that we get to go to Europe this summer and fall.


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I couldn't go on my yearly visit to Paris (2020) because of the pandemic. I've postponed my planned France trip in May until 2022. Bologna in October 2020 was postponed, but we're still waiting to see how things are going with world travel before gearing up to go this year.

I've had my first Pfizer vaccine; will receive the 2nd on March 1. I'm more optimistic, but there are so many variables that seem to change all the time (here or worldwide). We've booked a family vacation to the North Carolina coast this summer.

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The Guardian article was a good read....

Our first trips will be to visit family....kids in LA and Chicago as soon as possible. Of course, our first (only?) overseas destination will be Italy. I would love to go in the Fall but I am not sure it will be possible. I really don't want to go if there are still significant covid restrictions in place. I will likely try to carry out my aborted itinerary of 2020 but will make sure to include stops in our favorite destinations--Lerici, San Quirico d'Orcia and Rome--since we are not getting any younger.


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I will likely try to carry out my aborted itinerary of 2020 but will make sure to include stops in our favorite destinations--Lerici, San Quirico d'Orcia and Rome--since we are not getting any younger.
We were going to meet you in Rome on that trip, and Wendy and Rob if I remember right!

We are not getting younger either and we've lost a full year of travel. In some ways it has been nice to be forced to stay home - but my closets are organized, my garage is organized and I am really ready to head out somewhere. For many of us baby boomers, we've lost an important year. But I guess it has been important for everyone. I never thought I would see a situation like this.

I can see the end in sight but I don't know when it will be time to make plans. I have to work out when we should get our second vaccine shots (12 weeks later for us) and plan something in the UK a couple of weeks after that.

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