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Where to go for solo relax in November?


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I am going to visit friends in Rome 15-18 Nov, and then am looking for somewhere to relax a bit for another 5-6 days - read by a fire, walk a bit, eat well. I was thinking Lakes but everything seems to close 1 Nov. A town is fine, I just don't want to be touring or even feel like there are a bunch of things I really "should see" if I'm there. Ideally somewhere accessible by public transport, but I could get a car for part of the time. Of course I would like to stay based in one locale even of I did a day trip or two. Thoughts that have come to mind include Parma, Verona, Bergamo, Vicenza, maybe Venice for a day for the architecture Biennale (that one I would sightsee for!).
Would you consider going south? Sorrento is beautiful, and should still be "open" as it will be warmer. There are some nice Airbnb's there.
I'd also look at Bologna. It's quite a distance from Rome, but the fast train there only takes a couple of hours. Lovely city & you could do some of the day trips you mention above.
Naples may be more city than you are looking for but perhaps one of the suburbs, like Pozzuoli? It's a great area that doesn't shut down for the winter.
Lucca would be a nice option, but Southern Tuscany or Umbria might be easier to get to. For example, Chiusi and Orvieto are both the train line from Rome.
Orvieto is lovely. It would be a great place to relax or take a few day trips from. Peaceful, wonderful and easy to walk around, lovely restaurants etc. Used this as a base for 6 nights; train station lower Orvieto, but funicular or elevator takes you to upper Orvieto where I would recommend. I had a leather purse made in a shop in Orvieto for my souvenir:) We stayed at Magnolia BnB; was perfect location in the heart of Orvieto. ( did have stairs-no elevator) but would stay again. You can park for free in area by train station or pay at a smaller lot up in the town to the right of the Duamo. Highly recommend beautiful Orvieto.
I will add another vote for Orvieto. you may find the read by a fire a bit difficult to achieve but its got enough stuff going on you will have plenty to do.
Anything lakes or seaside is going to be pretty well closed down.
I will add another vote for Orvieto. you may find the read by a fire a bit difficult to achieve but its got enough stuff going on you will have plenty to do.
Anything lakes or seaside is going to be pretty well closed down.

If you decide on Orvieto, I can offer suggestions where you CAN actually have a fire if you are willing to drive 15 minutes into the countryside. LMK.....
We had stayed in Civita Castellana Just north of Roma. The hotel is called Relais Falisco and has wonderful little niches to relax, a great little piazza of its own as the entrance is through the gatehouse. The old paddock is a restaurant with amazing food. The town is tiny... nice to walk around. Downside is it has no good piazza of its own but the hotel’s more than makes up for it! Good place to be solo.
Here are a few places I've stayed that can be warm and cozy just outside Orvieto:
https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/24195439?s=51-This is a suite in the countryside with a lovely couple from Brittain. There is a room/bath that is most comfy and and a salon with a fireplace downstairs. I just stayed for 2 weeks because it was so quiet and the night sky so incredibly brilliant, that I canceled another place....

https://www.locandarosati.it/en/...Giampiero is a wonderful host with a comfortable inn. He hosts great family-style dinners a couple of times a week and the rooms are cozy.

On airbnb look up Grandma's Country House in Castel Giorgio to find Bianca's 3 bedroom house in the countryside. It is simple and old; grandpa made all of the furniture in the house and it has a huge yard. Living room with a fireplace! It's a bit funky but we liked it. It may be too big for one person and it's about a 20 minute ride from Orvieto scala.

If you prefer staying in Orvieto because you are not driving (forgot to ask about a car), then I will contact a friend who lives there and does property management to see if there is a place in town with a fireplace!!!

Hi NWL, sounds like you are getting some wonderful recommendations. I've not been to Orvieto yet so I took notes as it sounds like a great place to visit to me.

I don't know if it'll appeal to you or meet your needs, but I stayed in the town of Praiano on the Amalfi Coast for three weeks in November and loved it. The weather was still warm enough and I was lucky to have only 1 day of actual rain. The town is located in between Positano and Amalfi and accessible to other towns like Ravello. I did day trips to Paestum (to see the greek temple ruins) and to Naples and the island of Capri (had to take the bus to Sorrento to take the ferry because the ferries departing from Positano stopped running for the season).

There are some restaurants that close but I was still able to find some good restaurants still open in either Positano or Amalfi. I stayed in an apartment so I was able to cook some of my meals. Although some restaurants closed, there are less crowds and it was really nice. Also from the town of Praiano, you will have the most beautiful sunsets you'll ever see.

I used nothing but public transportation. I took the train from Rome to Salerno that took a car service from there to Praiano (you can also take the local bus as well, but you have to change buses in Amalfi to get to Praiano).

Whatever you decide to do, have a wonderful trip.
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