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Thing about wordle... you can look at it over coffee and give it a stab. No need to obsess, probably no need to spend more than five minutes. Not nearly as time consuming (or as satisfying) as a good crossword puzzle.
But... as someone said recently.... such a nice little thrill when those five green boxes appear one after the other. ;-)


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I vary my start word. I try adieu, alien, bread, gloat, tried and a few others. Thanks to the poster who mentioned the Wordle archive. I am working my way through with a couple each day. A bit of light relief from Covid and war.


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Today's Worldle (country riddle) was another eye-opener, and the first time I used all my guesses (and Google maps) in order to find the answer.


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For those who want an extra challenge, there is Quordle
This requires you to get four words in nine attempts. It is tricky as each guess comes up on all four words at the same time. I begin with the one which has the most letters after the start word and work from there. Each guess hopefully gives more letters in other words. I have been successful but sometimes end up with only one attempt left to guess the last word.
Have fun.


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It took me a couple of times to get it and I still occasionally do not get all four. I do Wordle every day. We have just visited our 16 year old twin grandchildren and the whole family does Wordle and our son does Quordle. I had not come across it before. All good brain exercise for us oldies!!

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