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Would you get one of the first vaccines if it meant you could travel internationally?

Would you get one of the early covid vaccines if required to travel internationally in 2021?

  • Yes, can't wait to travel again

    Votes: 17 53.1%
  • No, will wait at least 6 months after approvals to see if long-term effects emerge

    Votes: 8 25.0%
  • Maybe, by around middle of 2021, we will see what the state of travel and the pandemic is first.

    Votes: 7 21.9%

  • Total voters


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There are reports of possible Emergency Use Authorization or EUA by the FDA of one or more vaccines by early November.

The first groups offered vaccines would be health care workers and vulnerable groups -- elderly or those with comorbidities.

Then the expectation is that in the first quarter or half of 2021, vaccines would start to be rolled out to a wider population.

We've seen how stringent the EU has been with entry requirements for tourism this past summer. For instance, no Americans.

If they raised an "immunity passport" requirement, some documentation to show that you have been vaccinated for covid, would you get vaccinated in early 2021 in order to be able to travel internationally in 2021?

For context, vaccines typically take years to develop. For instance, Sanofi took almost 20 years to develop a vaccine for Dengue Fever and started rolling it out in the Philippines a few years ago. After a year of vaccinating almost 1 million youth there, it was discovered that the vaccine could have adverse effects including the deaths of several hundred children for those who had never had Dengue Fever before vaccination.

Sanofi had to change the requirement so that only those who previously had Dengue Fever could get the vaccine, which would prevent more severe reinfections but only for those previously exposed to the virus.

After that change, the EU and then the US FDA gave formal approvals.
I would get the vaccine to travel.


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Greece Tourism minister said they will allow tourists from anywhere, if they have been vaccinated, show a negative test or show antibody test.

People who are vaccinated against COVID-19, have antibodies or test negative can travel to Greece this summer, Tourism Minister Harry Theocharis said on Tuesday.

Tourism is a major income earner for Greece, which has led calls for an EU-wide vaccination certificate to help unlock travel.

The industry accounts for about a fifth of the Greek economy and employs one in five workers, but arrivals collapsed last year because of the pandemic.

Greece is aiming to kick off its vital summer season by mid-May, said Theocharis as he addressed the ITB Berlin trade show from the Athens Acropolis Museum, home to sculptures from Greek antiquity.

“Greece is ready with a complete protocol for summer 2021,” he said. “Tourists will be welcome if before travel they are either vaccinated, or have antibodies, or test negative. All tourists will be subject to random testing.”

He said the authorities would prioritise the vaccination of people working in the hospitality sector once the most vulnerable were vaccinated, and were mandating the frequent testing of employees.

Remember however that last year they said Americans would be welcome there but ended up going along with the EU ban on Americans when there were high new case rates in the US from June to end of July.


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I got my first shot (Moderna) yesterday!! I feel so relieved. My 2nd appt set in 4 weeks. 6 more weeks and I'll be fully vaccinated. Maybe I'll stop washing my groceries then! :)

I keep hearing everyone say that you can't even feel the shot, but I did! I'm a wimp though with shots. I experienced some fatigue yesterday after the shot. My arm was also sore and is still pretty sore today, but so far no other reaction. I've read that some experience a rash/inflammation about a week after the shot. I have very bad reactions to bee stings and even mosquito bites so I'm a little concerned that I may have this reaction, but it is better than getting COVID!

We get a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card with the CDC logo on it after the first shot (which we need to bring back for the 2nd shot). I guess that will be our proof for travel.


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I got my first shot in February and my arm hurt for a few days. Then, a few days after the shot, I felt unwell for a day - tired, dizzy, just yucky. My immune system dealing with the vaccine I think. Steve had the same.

My friend in NM felt nothing after the first shot (Moderna) but felt quite ill for a day after the second shot.

Congrats on your vaccination! I won't get my second shot until May!!


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While only a few countries have said they will take in vaccinated foreign tourists, some of these countries and tourism companies are already targeting vaccinated people in the UK and Israel.

There's certainly a lot of interest in foreign travel in those and other countries:

There's clearly a market too. ABTA, a UK travel trade association, says that 63% of Brits are hoping to book a foreign vacation in 2021.

Read in CNN: https://apple.news/AG64y-FA-R2CujBdS5qAEaQ

There's a marketing push starting to try to get people to book now while other tourism industry people suggest people should be cautious because policies and the nature of the pandemic could in months or even weeks.

Steve R.

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My wife and I got our Moderna shots early Feb and then early this month. We expected some arm reaction to the 1st shot and that's what we got... some muscle tightening and soreness. Minor. After the 2nd shot (around noon), we went home & noticed similar arm soreness. Then it got worse (for both of us). My arm felt like someone had hit it with a baseball bat. By the time we went to bed (around midnight), we had low grade fevers and body aches. During the night, sweats and chills. In the morning, some remaining body aches and weakness. By afternoon, only some residual weakness. The next day I was playing tennis. Back to my previous aged self, with my listing of "broken" pieces.


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Sounds like they would definitely allow EU citizens to travel to other EU countries.

Whether they'd allow "third country" tourists to enter the EU is another matter.


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Progress of vaccinations are going well in the US.

By May, every adult will be eligible to get vaccinated, though appointments may be more scarce in some locales than others.

Just a question of whether the most desirable destinations will admit tourists. In particular, the EU notoriously barred American tourists last summer.

By this summer, the percentage of Americans vaccinated will be far greater than the percentage of vaccinated Europeans.

Greece has already said it would welcome all vaccinated tourists or those with recent negative test results in mid May.

Problem is Europe is going through a wave of infections currently. And last year, Greece had said they would welcome everyone but in the end complied with the rest of the EU in banning Americans and tourists from other countries.

So we will see.


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We have had both Pfizer vaccines doses. My husband only had a sore arm on each. I had a more robust reaction on the second. Fever, chills, body aches, etc. But, it didn't last more than 24 hours. Time to move on!
Our state has opened up vaccinations to everyone over 16.
But, our community spread numbers are increasing, which isn't good.
Hope thing improve.

Steve R.

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Part of the issue for us, travel and otherwise, is that there still doesn't seem to be consensus on how much of a carrier or spreader us vaccinated folks are. Then, of course, is the issue that even 90% aint 100% and, even though getting a severe enough case to require hospital treatment doesn't seem to be a thing once vaccinated, I'm still not sure that I want to stray somewhere where my medical providers and insurance isn't. At this point, maybe in the fall?

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