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Zurers in Italy - Spring 2018

Every September I organize a week-long painting holiday for artists in my art league, here in the Berkshires in MA. My friend, Alma Ortolan, who gives fresco workshops in her Palazzo, in Vittorio Veneto, organizes all the land arrangements for me. Vittorio is the next town north of Conegliano, and that whole area is so lovely and untouristy. Conegliano and Treviso are especially interesting towns. Try to get to the Villa Maser (Villa Barbero), in nearby Maser. It is a beautiful Palladian villa, still in private hands, but open to the public. Veronese painted all the frescos inside, which made Palladio furious, as the Barbero brothers could not stop talking about the beautiful frescos and said little about the building or architecture.
I haven’t been here in a much too long a time...
Jim, I will be right back to you, but I wanted to send Rob’s and my very best to Bob. I work with/teach a couple of people dealing with Parkinson’s of varying degrees, one gentleman is in his mid eighties and keeps coming to my Pilates Mat class, it is helping him and my other student. Keep fighting as I know you can. And, I too want to thank you, Bob, for all your many invaluable posts on ST. Best of luck.

Jim, we weren’t sure if we would go back to Rome this year, but I booked our flights 10 days ago...our dates overlap (we are in Rome April 29 to May 27), shall we try to reschedule last year’s gtg? Rob and I would like that.
We are in the same apartment as the past 5 years, next to the Pantheon...
Bob: Another expression of appreciation. Your insights over the years have been a great part of slow traveling. I hope you can travel vicariously through this forum. I know Slow Travelers helped me through a couple of years when I couldn't travel. Fortunately, I'm off to Ravenna in May. However, I'm well aware that each trip I take may be my last.


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