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  1. Pauline

    Food & Drink NEW! The French Food Decoder App

    Dana Facaros (@Dana) and Michael Pauls have released the French Food Decoder App available for iPhones/iPads and android. Their Italian Food Decoder is excellent and I expect this will be too. I have it downloaded to my iPad and will give it a whirl...
  2. IMG_20230329_133150.jpg


  3. Ian Sutton

    East of England Norwich - google map of (mostly) tasty stuff

    A small sample of some of the great specialist food shops, pubs and restaurants. Focused very much on specialists, so no supermarkets or chains. These are places that are unique to Norwich and places we use pretty regularly. Just two layers - city centre, for places very much walkable within...
  4. J

    Slow Masters Small-scale producers in Piemonte, Italy

    There are many good things to experience in this region of Italy. One of them is the abundance of small-scale producers of all sorts. Our emphasis when traveling there is generally on foods and gastronomy - there is some of the best food on the planet here - but it seems that the region is...
  5. B

    Umbria The Umbrian Sagra Survival Guide

    If you really want to see how the Italians in rural Italy live, your best bet is to head to the nearest sagra. A sagra is a festival organized by a community, either an entire town or a smaller subdivision within a larger municipality, which almost always centers around a specific food or dish...
  6. Valerie

    Basilicata Basilicata in a Nutshell

    TASTES The region’s most iconic foods – Bread. The bread is made with semola flour, often cooked in a wood oven. Crunchy on the outside, firm but tender on the inside and delectable, it’s what bread ought to be! Peperoni Cruschi. Long, thin sweet peppers that are dried in the sun then fried...
  7. Breakfast of Champions

    Breakfast of Champions

    Huge donuts and cortado.
  8. Chocolate


    Eating chocolate, drinking chocolate and some weird egg based sweet thing.
  9. Lunch


    A small Venezuelan restaurant offered a vegetarian plate.
  10. Tiberias - Falafel

    Tiberias - Falafel

    Anavi Falafel near the market. Fabulous falafel.
  11. Kathy (Trekcapri)

    Photo Hunt 2019 No. 47 - Memorable Meal

    This week’s Photo Hunt 2019 No. 47 – Memorable Meal Travelers make the best of their experiences and always venture out in sunshine, snow and rain to explore their curiosities and interests. Upcoming Photo Hunt 2019 Themes: Photo Hunt No. 48 (December 1, 2019) – Small Space(s) Photo Hunt No...
  12. Makura Olive Farm

    Makura Olive Farm

    Olive trees at Makura Olive Farm.
  13. Makura Olive Farm

    Makura Olive Farm

    Olive trees at Makura Olive Farm.
  14. Elhanan Bread Culture

    Elhanan Bread Culture

    Restaurant in town near Zikhron Ya’akov that serves breakfast/lunch and sells fabulous bread.
  15. Elhanan Bread Culture

    Elhanan Bread Culture

    Great restaurant near Zikhron Ya’akov. Hummus on the left, sabich on the right. Great food.
  16. Bakery Food

    Bakery Food

    Sesame bread, cinnamon rolls wrapped around a cinnamon stick, focaccia and roasted vegetables. From Lasha Bakery in Mitzpe Ramon.
  17. Hummus Restaurant Menu

    Hummus Restaurant Menu

    Hummus restaurant in Mitzpe Ramon.
  18. Mitzpe Ramon - Spice Quarter

    Mitzpe Ramon - Spice Quarter

    Lasha Bakery, open two days a week. Fabulous bread!
  19. Israeli Butter

    Israeli Butter

    Despite the shortage we found some. 7.88 NIS
  20. Natural Foods

    Natural Foods

    Products from the Eilat Natural Foods shop, milk alternatives from Italy.