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  1. Pundak Neot Smadar

    Pundak Neot Smadar

  2. Pundak Neot Smadar

    Pundak Neot Smadar

    Where you order.
  3. Pundak Neot Smadar

    Pundak Neot Smadar

    Shakshuka for breakfast.
  4. Lunch at Pundak Neot Semadar

    Lunch at Pundak Neot Semadar

    Restaurant run by a vegetarian kibbutz. Only a few things available today because the kitchen is closed Fridays. Soup and hummus.
  5. Shakshuka for Lunch

    Shakshuka for Lunch

    Lunch at Ursula in Tzukim.
  6. Ein Gedi Hotel

    Ein Gedi Hotel

    We shared this for lunch.
  7. Food in Israel

    Food in Israel

    Strange for me to see everyday things with no English on the labels.
  8. Food in Israel

    Food in Israel

    Coffee with cardamom (I think).
  9. Shannon

    Food & Drink Eating and Drinking in Spain

    If you are going to be visiting Spain, and if you love to eat and drink, you are going to be very happy. Spain is one of the top food and wine destinations in the world, and for good reason. You can start eating early in the day and continue to eat into the wee hours of the morning. You can eat...
  10. B

    Umbria The Umbrian Sagra Survival Guide

    If you really want to see how the Italians in rural Italy live, your best bet is to head to the nearest sagra. A sagra is a festival organized by a community, either an entire town or a smaller subdivision within a larger municipality, which almost always centers around a specific food or dish...
  11. Pauline

    Food & Drink Cafés in France

    The café is central to life in France. This is where you will find the locals having their morning coffee, meeting friends, reading the papers. They may drop in several times during the day. Most cafés are locally owned and run by the owner. For the traveler, cafés let you experience the local...
  12. Kathy (Trekcapri)

    Photo Hunt No. 15 - Chocolate

    This week’s Photo Hunt No. 15 (Week of June 11) – Chocolate A Photo Hunt 2017 category is available on the Media Gallery. Everyone’s photos were awesome. From the people that make us laugh to those 2 and 4 legged animals and funny signs to the hilarious hunt for a red roof in a sea of red...
  13. Pauline

    Letizia's Cooking Class and Book Tour in the US

    Many of us know Letizia Mattiacci from SlowTalk. She runs a B&B near Assisi and recently published the beautiful cookbook "A Kitchen with a View". Here is the announcement of her US Tour from her website: Starting March 14, 2017, Letizia will be embarking on a book tour, beginning in...
  14. Matthew Altieri

    Upcoming Slow Travel experiences: France & Italy

    Hello, my name is Matthew Altieri from Gastro-Travel, I want to present our travel experiences to those who are interested in Slow Food & Slow Travel. Here is my bio: Originally from the US I now live in Paris, France and previously 3 years in Italy. Having gained extensive travel/work...
  15. Snack at the Falzturm Alm.

    Snack at the Falzturm Alm.

    Mid-morning snack after some energetic cross-country skiing! Apfelstrudel, Topfenstrudel.