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  1. Black Coffee

    Black Coffee

    Making black coffee - hot water poured over grounds. Let them settle, then drink up!
  2. Pastries


    Buying pastries on Friday morning.
  3. Fresh Pomegranate Juice

    Fresh Pomegranate Juice

    Fresh and so good!
  4. Food


    Food labels are in Hebrew but if you look closely there may be English. If not, ask for help.
  5. Chain Restaurants

    Chain Restaurants

    On the left, Aroma, an Israeli chain that is pretty good. On the right McDonalds.
  6. Restaurant Receipt

    Restaurant Receipt

    They let you know, in English, if a tip is recommended.
  7. Restaurants


    The lineup for a falafel place in Jerusalem. Menu in Hebrew.
  8. Food Shopping

    Food Shopping

    These frozen fruit bars are labeled in Hebrew only.
  9. Restaurants


    Restaurant sign in Arabic in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem.
  10. Food Shopping

    Food Shopping

    Labels are in Hebrew. Look carefully - you might find some English.
  11. Self Serve Cheese

    Self Serve Cheese

    On the other side of the suspension bridge, a chance to buy cheese.
  12. Rosti


    Rosti (potatoes) with egg at a mountain restaurant, at Hornberg.
  13. Vending machine

    Vending machine

    This machine sells local dairy products - cheese, butter, yogurt, milk, and eggs. How does it work when eggs drop down?
  14. Pretzel Shop, Basel

    Pretzel Shop, Basel

    Pretzel sandwiches!
  15. Santa Maria di Castellabate

    Santa Maria di Castellabate

    Seafood pasta.
  16. Santa Maria di Castellabate

    Santa Maria di Castellabate

    The perfect plate of pasta.
  17. Agropoli, Restaurant

    Agropoli, Restaurant

    Il Vecchio Mulino.
  18. Agropoli, Lagane e Ceci

    Agropoli, Lagane e Ceci

    Lagane e Ceci, pasta with chickpeas, a local dish.
  19. Vietri sul Mare

    Vietri sul Mare

    Sesta Stazione (sixth station of the cross), Slow food restaurant where we had lunch.
  20. rytind123

    Local food experiences!

    Hi all- Has anyone ever booked any local food experiences (food tours, wine tasting, cooking classes) when travelling/on vacation? Thanks in advance, Ryan