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  1. Roman Holiday - Movie Scenes

    Roman Holiday - Movie Scenes

    Riding a vespa.
  2. Roman Holiday - Movie Scenes

    Roman Holiday - Movie Scenes

    At the Mouth of Truth.
  3. Roman Holiday - Movie Scenes

    Roman Holiday - Movie Scenes

    Movie poster.
  4. Roman Holiday - Movie Scenes

    Roman Holiday - Movie Scenes

    On the Spanish Steps.
  5. Valerie

    The Roman Holiday Holiday

    By valerie from New Mexico, Spring 2001 A day strolling around Rome finding the scenes used for the filming of the movie, Roman Holiday A Stroll Through The Movie Scenes Roman Holiday, that classic film starring smooth-voiced and handsome Gregory Peck as he cons, entertains and then falls for...
  6. Stef

    Italy Expat Memoir

    Hi I thought that some of you might be interested in my Italy expat memoir, Living in Italy: the Real Deal. It is about me and my husbands hilarious and horrendous adventures while moving to Italy to start a bed and breakfast. It is on sale for 1$ for a few days. Check it out if you want...
  7. Mac1947

    Dream Vacation 2

    Italy 2017, the odyssey We’re down to less than five weeks before we (us playful “otters”-- wife and I) leave for Roma. Now, if anyone will be in the same areas we will be on during our odyssey we’ll try for a GTG (get together). The past two months have been a blur with “where do we really...
  8. BryanS

    "Controlled access" to Trevi Fountain

    Italian news is reporting that starting this week Rome is instituting a trial for 80 days to control access to Trevi Fountain from 9AM to midnight. They are hoping to control some of the chaos. ansa.it
  9. Kathy (Trekcapri)

    Photo Hunt 2017 No. 19 - Stripes / Striped

    This week’s Photo Hunt No. 19 (Week of July 9) – Striped (Stripes) A Photo Hunt 2017 category is available on the Media Gallery. I really enjoyed seeing the great variety of everyone’s photos this past week. Future Themes: If you have ideas for a future theme, feel free to share them HERE...
  10. RomeFromHome


    Hello - My name is Anne and I'm a Romoholic! We try to visit at least once a year and I blog about our experiences in the Eternal City at www.romefromhome.blogspot.co.uk
  11. Brad C. Hodson

    Month Long Rome Rentals?

    As our trip planning continues changing and evolving, we're now kicking around the idea of just living in Rome for a month (preferably in Trastevere). Are there any sites or apartments that any of you might recommend for getting a good deal on a long term rental? I found some great prices on...
  12. Bob Whelan

    Southern Italy - April

    In celebration of my retirement at the end of June, we are headed back to Italy in early April..... a little more than a week away! This time each of my three children, son-in-law, my son's girl friend and my grandson will join us in southern Italy. We'll start with 5 days in Rome before...
  13. Doru

    Rome, 1bed/1bath apartment in the center, Rome is Home

    I am posting these reviews from 2005 and 2007 because this apartment is still available to rent. Biancamaria and Massimo de Majo's Rome is Home 1bed/1bath apartment near Campo dei Fiori, Rome stayed in 2005 and 2007 Review from 2007 We returned to the Rome is Home apartment on Via dei...
  14. Day 2 - Rome

    Day 2 - Rome

  15. Day 3 - Rome

    Day 3 - Rome

  16. Day 3 - Rome

    Day 3 - Rome

  17. Day 3 - Rome

    Day 3 - Rome

  18. Day 2 - Rome

    Day 2 - Rome

  19. Day 2 - Rome

    Day 2 - Rome

  20. Day 2 - Rome

    Day 2 - Rome