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  1. Genal Valley

    Genal Valley

    Alto Genal. Hotel Bandolero in Juzcar, view.
  2. Genal Valley

    Genal Valley

    Alto Genal. Hotel Bandolero in Juzcar.
  3. Genal Valley

    Genal Valley

    Alto Genal. Easter Procession in Juzcar.
  4. Genal Valley

    Genal Valley

    Alto Genal, Juzcar - Moclon.
  5. Genal Valley

    Genal Valley

    View of Alto Genal valley.
  6. Dennis

    Spain Baelo Claudia, Roman Ruins in Cadiz Province

    Explore an important trading centre of ancient Rome. Location: The entrance to the ruins is approximately 100 Kms south from Cadiz; 200 Kms west of Malaga and 75 Kms west of Gibraltar. The nearest town Is Bolonia. 36o5'23.32''N 5o46'16.25''W. The Site Baelo Claudia was an important trading...
  7. Dennis

    Spain Belchite Viejo, Aragon

    Belchite Viejo, Aragon - the ruins a a town ravaged by the Spanish Civil War. Location: about 50 Kms south from Zaragoza in Aragon; 41o18'04.74''N 0o44'55.24''W While traveling from Cardona to Albarracin we stopped at Belchite, near Zaragoza. Belchite is a sleepy rural town. However, we came...
  8. Dennis

    Spain Albarracin, one of Spain's most beautiful villages

    Albarracin, Teruel Province, Aragon - one of Spain's most beautiful villages. Location: about 40 kms. West of the City of Teruel Albarracin is always included in travel columns' “top 10” lists. Its designation stems from its location, harmonious architecture and historical significance. We...
  9. Dennis

    Spain El Capricho de Gaudi

    El Capricho de Gaudi, Comillas, Cantabria - An early example of Gaudi's architechural vision. Antoni Gaudi is best known for his architectural wonders in Catalonia. However, he did accept and complete commissions in other parts of Spain. Some are the Bishop's Palace in Astorga, the Casa de los...
  10. Shannon

    Food & Drink Eating and Drinking in Spain

    If you are going to be visiting Spain, and if you love to eat and drink, you are going to be very happy. Spain is one of the top food and wine destinations in the world, and for good reason. You can start eating early in the day and continue to eat into the wee hours of the morning. You can eat...
  11. Shannon

    Accommodations Staying in Paradores in Spain

    Imagine staying in the oldest hotel in the world, an ancient castle, a Moorish fortress, a sixteenth century palace, or even an old jail. Then, imagine staying inside one of these historical sites for a very affordable price, so affordable that it is easy to indulge in a fine dinner of local...
  12. Jan55612

    Spain Barcelona Restaurants and More

    Over the last six years, my husband and I have had several extended stays in Barcelona. During the winters of 2017 and 2018, we rented an apartment for six weeks or more during the period of January through early March. There are many well-known sites in Barcelona and I will not focus on them...
  13. Ian

    Murcia in winter. Climate, architecture, recommendations

    Winter is coming...I would like to share some photos taken in Murcia. It was January 2019. The weather was fine (about + 20 C) and we spent the whole day in the open air. Summer it's very hot there, in winter it'is much more comfortable. Our first stop was at the Cathedral De Santa Maria. It...
  14. Pauline

    Two Weeks on Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

    Trip Report 2020-02 Spain, Tenerife This was our first trip to the Canary Islands. We spent two weeks there at the end of January, into February 2020. We liked Tenerife and will return for another winter holiday. I am not writing a day by day trip report as I usually do, but instead an overview...
  15. Arriba Valley Hike

    Arriba Valley Hike

    Big cactus.
  16. Arriba Valley Hike

    Arriba Valley Hike

    Out of the fog and back in the lava fields.
  17. Arriba Valley Hike

    Arriba Valley Hike

    Walking along the mountain. There should have been a view to the coast but there was fog.
  18. Arriba Valley Hike

    Arriba Valley Hike

    Walking through Arguayo.
  19. Arriba Valley Hike

    Arriba Valley Hike

    The fog rolled in for part of the hike. We walked down to Arguayo and beyond.
  20. Arriba Valley Hike

    Arriba Valley Hike

    Almond trees in bloom with Mount Teide in the distance.