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An obscure discovery - copy/paste word doc with comments

Ian Sutton

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I discovered this on another forum that uses the same software.

If copying a word document in which you've added comments, the comments are retained, though the text that the comment is attached to does not get pasted.
e.g. This is the original

I copied the Borgo Buio and La Grotta lines, then pasted them below. The comments come through quite nicely as [O1] and [O2], but the name get dropped because that was where the comment was attached to. (see below)

[O1] - Via Borgo Buio 10, Phone: 0578 717497 mon

[O2] - Localita' San Biagio, 15, Phone: 0578 757607 wed

[O1]Very odd place, which might appeal or horrify. The owner is an amateur opera singer who loves to serenade his guests, and it rather takes over the evening. The food was a bit hit and miss, so recommended only if a slightly surreal experience appeals

[O2]Despite facing a tourist attraction (San Biagio) this didn’t feel touristy and was indeed surprisingly classy in both food and service. We would return here


Arguably this is a bug, but I was really surprised / pleased to see the comments pasted as well, in a reasonable format, so I'm definitely not complaining. Easy to copy/paste the names in afterwards :cool:


Forums Admin
That's interesting! I only recently discovered that you can copy and paste, or drag, images into a post. You don't have to click the Upload a File button. Once you drag them in, they get uploaded.

I wish XenForo had a User Manual for the people who use the software. They have documentation for the admin, for installing, configuring - but nothing that says this is how you use the forums. They do have good forums themselves where I ask questions about how things work.

Ian Sutton

500+ Posts
I must admit it surprised me, and might even be unintentional, or at least not a trumpeted feature. I've picked up enough new software in my time to be happy to experiment (including the copy/paste you mentioned for photos), but I do recognise how it can be intimidating for people with less exposure to IT / IT development. That said, there is a lot that is very intuitive - I may not be an Apple fan, but have to applaud the way they've made everyone think about the user experience.


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