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Anyone addicted to Italy??

KItty Martin

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Hi I'm Kitty, just joined this group., I'm a writer from Los Angeles and I'd like to connect with you Italy lovers to learn more about the places you've been and find out what you discovered beyond the usual tourist stuff. I'm launching a blog this month about cool things to do in Italy. I go there every September for 3 or 4 weeks. Id be happy to connect with anyone who is there in Sept to exchange notes, share info etc ! Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Kitty, I love Italy! I've been almost all over the northern two-thirds, but haven't been south of Salerno. My husband and I will be on the Amalfi Coast from September 13 to October 4. We go to Europe every September for three weeks; sometimes I go by myself at other times.

Rome Addict

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The screen name says it all. Rome addict. Over the past 18 years I have managed to compile about 2 years total time on the ground in Rome. I write and travel from the somewhat unique perspective of the handicapped traveler. My stuff is copyrighted in some instances. You are welcome to read my old stuff on slowtrav.com for ideas but would appreciate attribution if you use any of the material directly.


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While my wife and I sometimes venture elsewhere, Italy always draws us back. I'd say the Dolomites are an area that gets very ink, but we found it wonderful. Wish we could go this year, but we are moving. Have to wait for next.

Sharon J

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My husband and I absolutely adore Italy. We go almost every year. After our last visit, we decided to return to Beynac, France, as we always stay in a lovely house there. Well, our trip is coming up in September, and we miss Italy so badly we can't stand it. Thankfully, we already have reservations for Sant'Antonio and Rome for next June. Now, we regret not also going back to Venice, but crazy as it sounds, we usually make a day trip to Venice, so that will help.

Wherever we go, San'Antonio outside Montepulciano is ALWAYS included. We have too small dogs, who are getting older, and we can't leave them for more than two weeks, as they mourn for us. One of these days, we will actually spend an entire month traveling around Italy.

I fell in love with Italy back in 1966, when I lived in Gaeta, South of Rome. It was so grim back then, that I still see it in black and white in my mind. However, it did hook me forever.


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Well, you certainly came to the right place. Welcome!
I fell hard for Italy in 1998, found slowtravel in 2004 or 05 and a wonderful community of other Italy lovers. My husband and I like to go for a "long" trip. In 2015 we were in Italy for about 10 weeks, out longest yet. We like to go somewhere else, in Eurpoe for a week or so and then to Italy. Almost all of our trips include some time in Venice.
Planning currently for a Spring trip in 2018 starting with about 10 days in Portugal and then 10 weeks in Italy.
I have blogged most of our trips at:


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