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Benedict Cumberbatch


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Now that I have your attention, Benedict Cumberbatch stars in a drama recently shown here in the UK - Brexit: The Uncivil War. He plays the guy behind the Leave campaign who figured out how to target online ads to specific voters to stir them up and get them to vote Leave. Not a nice guy or a good cause, but the program was very good and made me understand a bit more why we are Leaving, which we are doing in less than 2 months.

Read the review in the Guardian.


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This film is wonderfully produced, fantastic acting, cinematography, and was well paced. It was less preachy than I feared and although there was a negative bias against the leave campaign there was also an acknowledgement of out out of touch remain were with the majority of the British people. I enjoyed it.


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I couldn't bring myself to watch it, however good Cumberbatch might be. Dominic Cummings is certainly a "character"


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