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TV Series Bodyguard on BBC

Just watched the first four episodes of Bodyguard, the new Jed Mercurio (Line of Duty) political thriller. Extraordinarily gripping so far....the man knows how to construct a television series.

I read that Season 5 of Line of Duty will start filming soon....can't wait.


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First 4 episodes were great. Episodes 5 and 6 were not. It turned sappy and complicated. I don't think they explained all the plot lines. Too bad! I really liked it at first. It was hugely popular here, but many articles complained about the ending.
We did watch the last two episodes and, while I can see what you are saying, we found the last episode gripping (if a bit far-fetched) and the denouement with the young terrorist convincing. As with other Jed Mercurio shows, plots tend to be very dense, if not impenetrable. All in all, we like it.

I read it it will be on Netflix in the US in the coming months.

Have you seen any of his other shows...Critical and Bodies? They are hard to find here.


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