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Help Needed Cyprus? January 2019


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I'm giving thought to putting together a trip to Cyprus for January = it'd be warm enough for us and I'd plan it so we could explore, though I gather we might be limited [in time esp.] to the southern part of the island, unless there is a reason to focus on the north.

Has anyone visited recently [well, within the past few years] with some thoughts on what we should prioritize. I think we are going to have 10-12 days and will rent a car [yes, I know they drive on the L side of the road, which I can get used to if I take it slow] and then either find a good place to stay and explore from or a couple of them. We'd probably fly into Larnica [prices there are much lower than those elsewhere].

Thanks for any assistance.



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I did just book a trip there = leave jan. 10th and return on the 23rd == now am putting together where to go and what to see...Will hope to share what I find or the entire trip when there or soon afterward.


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