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Europe Travel for British Travelers


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I keep losing track of the current travel in Europe situation for Brits, so I am making a thread about it and will keep it updated.

Updated July 17.


Lockdown restrictions end on July 19. No more masks, no more social distancing, everything is open. However, cases of the Delta variant are rising here so caution is urged. In my area, Dorset, many businesses are requesting that you still wear a mask when in their premises and some are keeping social distancing.


As of July 19 Brits can travel to amber and green countries and do not have to quarantine on return. From what I can figure out you need a negative COVID test to enter England and must have a day 2 test scheduled.

From the UK government site:
Changes to international travel rules for amber list countries
From 4am, Monday 19 July, the government will no longer recommend against travel to amber list countries. People covered by the amber list rules, who have been fully vaccinated under the UK vaccination programme, will not need to quarantine on arrival in England or take a COVID-19 test on day 8.


The traffic light system determines what happens when people arrive in the UK or when UK residents return home. Most of Europe is on the amber list.
  • Travelers from Green countries can enter but need tests before and after they arrive.
  • Travelers from Amber countries must take a test before arrival, and a day 2 test after arrival and do not quarantine (except for France where quarantine on arrival is required) quarantine for 10 days in the place they are staying in the UK and take 2 tests during that time.
  • Travelers from Red countries must quarantine in a government run quarantine hotel and take various tests.
Everyone arriving in the UK has to fill out a passenger locator form.


: YES “Travellers who are fully vaccinated do not need an essential reason to travel to France and do not need to self-isolate on arrival.” You must take a test (a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours of departure, or a negative antigen test result taken within 48 hours of departure) and sign a statement. This is for all travelers from the France list of amber countries. The UK is currently amber. The US, Canada and Australia are green.

Italy: YES with quarantine. June 19: Italy announces that UK visitors now have to quarantine for 5 days on arrival because of the spread of the delta variant in the UK.

YES "From 7 April, entry to Italy from the UK is no longer restricted to Italian residents and those with absolute necessity. However, COVID-19 measures continue to apply. If you wish to fly, you must present the airline with a negative COVID-19 rapid antigenic or molecular swab test taken no more than 48 hours before travel.

From 16 May until 30 July there is no longer a requirement to quarantine on arrival in Italy, unless travellers arrive without proof of a negative test. Travellers arriving without a negative test will need to self-isolate for 10 days and undertake a test at the end of the isolation period." What happens if you arrive by car?

Spain: YES "From 24 May, entry restrictions and testing requirements for arrivals from the UK to Spain no longer apply."

Switzerland: YES June 26 opens to vaccinated Americans and Brits.
NO "Travelers from the UK are not permitted entry to So Switzerland." EU and EFTA nationals are allowed. Switzerland is reviewing its entry requirements and will be announcing changes at the end of June.


I have written an article on the new rules for UK residents traveling to the EU:

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Italy announces that UK visitors now have to quarantine for 5 days on arrival because of the spread of the delta variant in the UK. I will update the post above.


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Switzerland opens to vaccinated Americans and Brits!!! I don’t have to cancel our August/September travel plans!

From The Local: “Switzerland on Wednesday relaxed a range of coronavirus measures due to the strong epidemiological situation and the progress made by the country's vaccination campaign.

While there was initially some confusion over the date, the government confirmed to The Local that the measures would come into effect on the 26th rather than the 28th of June.

This means that fully vaccinated travellers from countries outside the Schengen zone — including from the United States and the United Kingdom — will be able to enter Switzerland from Saturdayonwards.

In addition to travel measures, rules relating to masks, sport, restaurants and events have also been wound back. Here's the changes in detail.

Not everything is back to normal though - here are the measures that will stay in place.”


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UK travelers to France who are vaccinated no longer need to have a COVID test for entry to the country.

From UK government site: Travellers who are fully vaccinated do not need an essential reason to travel to France and do not need to self-isolate on arrival. From 18 July, fully vaccinated adults no longer need to present evidence of a negative test result before travel.

HOWEVER, UK travelers to France must self quarantine on return to the UK even though France is on the amber list. The UK government is concerned about rising cases of the Beta variant in France. This is a recent change.

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