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How to - Use the Photo Galleries (Media)


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When you write a post, you can upload photos. But we also have a Photo Gallery (Media) section where you can upload photos to categories (e.g. France Photos) or create personal photo albums.


Click the MEDIA tab on the top of the page (next to FORUMS) to get into the Media area. On the left you see a list of choices. You can look at personal albums (I created one for Stonehenge) or choose a category (e.g. France Photos). I have uploaded a few photos.

When you are in an album or category, you see a grid of thumbnails. Click on any photo and you see the larger version, with NEXT and PREV arrows to walk through all the photos. Click on the VIEW MEDIA IN LIGHTBOX icon above the photo and you see the full size photo and can easily go back and forth through the photos.


It's easy!

PHOTO SIZE The largest photo size stored is 1024px largest side. You can upload your full size image (max 10mg) and the system will resize it to 1024px largest side. Or, if you want to upload a smaller file, resize your image before uploading (using your photo software). You can upload up to 10 images at the same time. Add titles and descriptions during the upload.

ALBUMS If you have several photos on one topic, create a photo album.

CATEGORIES Or add photos to an existing category.

TAG YOUR PHOTOS When the photo is being uploaded you enter title and description. Add your tags after the photos are uploaded. You will see the area where they are entered below each photo. Create new tags if you need them (when you type in the tag, it is created if it does not already exist).

YOUR PHOTOS SHOW IN YOUR PROFILE so people can easily find your photos. You can also take the share code from one of your photos and use it in a post - so the post shows the photo you already uploaded.


It takes a bit to get used to this system, but I like it. We can collect travel photos so we can all page through photos to get inspiration for our next trip. It is similar to SlowPhotos on ST (another travel site), but this software is better and your photos are linked to your forum profile.
Oops, I tried to give Buddy a friend ~ from the other side! ~ but the top of Bella's head was cut off. :eek: It almost worked. Does it self-crop? Well, I suppose it does just to re-size it.

I may try to replace Bella's photo later... I'm done playing for now.
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When you look at the page with Bella's photo her head is not cut off. I think the software resizes and sets the longest side to 1024px, but does not crop.

Where is does crop, is for the thumbnail, that 300 x 300px image you see on the overview page. The software has to crop to make all the thumbnails the same size.

If you click on the large photo, it opens in lightbox showing fullsize and Bella is 450px × 600px which is the size you uploaded.

So, I think it is working okay. You could try uploading the original image and the software will resize that.

Thanks for uploading our first dog. Buddy and Bella - our first pets :)
Great! Thanks! Yes, the software is working fine... it's just me ... I only looked at the thumbnail ~ the full size photo looks good.
As on the old ST photo galleries, I'm a bit hazy on the distinction between posting in an album and in a category. I've started an album with (as yet) the grand total of one photo, but since SE photo galleries don't yet have categories for food & drink - surely essential? ;) - or Austria, I thought an album was the only way to go.
I added "& Austria" to the Switzerland forum and Switzerland photos. I am not sure how many categories to add, because you can tag photos. I guess an album is when you want to group photos about a specific topic. We will see how it all works out.
So I'm confused. I'm trying to see Jonathan's Austria album, but having trouble. First, there are no photos in the Austria category from the left column. Then I click Media at the top, click Search Media, and enter Jonathan's name. I then see 3 thumbnails of photos. I click on each one, or the link, and receive an error message that I do not have permission to view these photos. So are these private? If so, my apologies in advance!
I can't duplicate what you saw Terry. I don't see his photos anywhere. I will do some more testing. I see only two albums, my Stonehenge and Anne's Ventigmilia.
Something strange seems to be happening with albums. Pauline, I see only 2 albums also, my Austria and Anne's Ventimiglia. No sign of your Stonehenge one.

Some Media pages have 3 little tabs: Any, Site, Album. And my Austria pics don't show up on Site; your Stonehenge album doesn't show up on any view that I can find.

So what did Anne do, and Pauline and I not do, to get our albums viewable by others :(
I might have solved it. The default Privacy option is 'shared', which I thought meant shared with others here, so left it at that. But it doesn't... So I've changed it to 'members', is Anne's setting for Ventimiglia - can anyone else see them now?!
I changed the default for albums to "members only". I had set it to shared because I thought that meant for all members, but I guess not.

I see your photos too!
I'm glad that all worked! Yes, those labels are certainly misleading. Time to post my last tranche of Austria photos...
I'm glad that all worked! Yes, those labels are certainly misleading. Time to post my last tranche of Austria photos...

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