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Berner Oberland Lenk, Switzerland in 2019

The Alps in Switzerland in the Bern Canton.


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This is our 6th summer in a row spending 2 - 3 weeks in Lenk. We’ve traveled to Switzerland regularly since 1987 and have re-visited places several times but in 2014 we fell in love with Lenk and decided to make this our place. Lenk is a quiet small town well away from the tourist track, but is popular with Swiss and German hikers. It is in a beautiful valley but there are more spectacular valleys in the Berner Oberland and those get the visitors. Meiringen, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, and Kandersteg are more stunning and also have great hiking.

But there is something about Lenk. The hiking here suits us. Easy hikes on the valley floor for wet days or when you need an easy day. A gondola that goes to a good hiking area and four buses that go up into the mountains.

This is our fourth year renting the same apartment (from FerienLenk). The agency is run by a local hotel group and have good rentals. The apartment is on the ground floor of a three floor chalet. There are two apartments on our level. We have a nice terrace with a view of the valley. We are 10 minutes walk from the gondola and five minutes from the train and bus station. The Coop small supermarket is a few steps away.

We arrived yesterday, Saturday, after a long drive. We left Dorset on Thursday, drove five hours to the Tunnel, then 1 1/2 hours on the other side to Arras. Traffic in the UK was thick and slow in parts. It was better in France. But the motorway and autoroute driving is boring. We arrived at 6pm, walked around town, then had a nice dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. The Mercure hotel (a chain) was more rundown than I had remembered from last year.

Arras was the scene of large battles in both World Wars and is popular with American tourists. The town center was rebuilt after much destruction in WWI but built to look as it did before. Beautiful buildings and two large squares.

On Friday we didn’t get on the road until 10:30 (there is a time change making it an hour later in France) and we spent the day driving across France. The traffic was mostly good and a few hours were off autoroutes. We switch back and forth with the driving and stop frequently to walk a bit because my back can seize up with too much time in the car. We got into Basel at 7pm and had dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. This time we had a very nice hotel, Hotel Wettstein, in a good location with secured parking for our car full of luggage.

There is a border coming into Switzerland but they don’t check passports. They sell you a 40CHF decal needed to drive on Swiss highways.

On Saturday we had a nice morning in Basel. It is a lovely city sitting on the borders of France and Germany, with the River Rhine running through it. The old town is large and lovely. There is a nice walk along the river and several spots where small boats take you across. They are powered only by the water. We took one. This was our second visit to Basel - we stopped there last year when driving home.

Large pretzels cut in half and smothered in butter are a thing there and they are very good!

We left at 1pm and traffic was thick and slow. We arrived in Lenk at 4pm, checked in and got groceries. The Coop closes at 5pm on Saturday and is closed Sunday. We brought a lot of basics with us, something we can do because we are driving, which saved us money (everything is very expensive here) and shopping time.

Sunday August 25

Our first day in Lenk. A beautiful sunny day, temps in the low 70sF. We were tired from the drive so had a very easy day. We walked around the town and lake in the morning. In the afternoon we walked out along the river, towards St Stephen. 6.5 miles in total.

Monday August 26
Sunny and hot, low 70sF

Hike: Simmenfalle (1102m) to Rezliberg (1405m) and Siebenbrunnen (waterfalls). 2 hours return.

Today we did our first hike in the mountains. We drove 10 minutes to Simmenfalle at the end of the valley, then hiked uphill on a rough road (used only by the farm at the top - we did not see any cars), to my favorite place here, the valley at Siebenbrunnen. We do this hike every year, usually a few times. It is a good 50 minute uphill walk, steep in parts, following the fast flowing River Simme with several big waterfalls along the way. The path then levels out and you walk along the river in the long valley. There is a rough restaurant and a farm up there.

From this area there is a hike I have always wondered about which goes up much higher than I am willing to hike. It goes from 1405m at Rezliberg to Fluseeli, a lake, at 2045m. The last part of this hike is on the rocky mountain tops. From there the serious hikers continue up across rock and glacier to a hut at 2791m (Wildstrubellhutte). We decided to start walking up this trail to see how far we could get. It was very steep but the first part is through forest and trees. We gave up after 30 minutes and had our lunch up there with an incredible view. The sign said another hour up to the lake but I think it would take us much longer.

We went back down to Rezliberg, then to the big waterfalls. This water is coming from the glaciers up above and is very cold. I know because I took off my shoes and socks and soaked my feet. Wonderful. Steve did too, but for a short time. I am still having foot pain but nothing like last summer when I had plantar fascitis (sp?). Now I just have general sore feet after a tough climb or a long walk. I have very good hiking shoes and ice my foot after a day of hiking. All hikers deal with this - except Steve who never has these problems.

We had a late start to the day around noon and got back to town around 3:30pm. A lovely day out. We got our first fruit kuchen at the bakery!

One interesting thing of note at the end of the hike. A family of ultra-orthodox Jews were starting out on the trail. My worlds are colliding! Israel and Switzerland! Except they probably are not from Israel. There was the youngish mother (modestly dressed and wearing a wig to cover her hair) pushing a stroller, the father (in black coat, trousers, shoes, hat) and several children running ahead (with their long side locks tucked behind their ears and not wearing black). The woman stopped me to ask about the trail. I was happy to talk to her, as I am to anyone about hiking, and gave her a detailed description (we spoke in English although she started out in German). She wasn't sure they could do the climb but they were going to give it a try.

Last night walking back from our river walk we walked by a big holiday village and saw several groups of ultra-orthodox Jews arriving. Vans or large cars carrying their large famililes. In all our visits here we have never seen ultra-orthodox Jews here. Usually we see large groups of Arab families. They frequently stay in the building we are in as the apartment above us is for large families and they too arrive with many family members and young children. I think these Arabs come from the wealthy Middle Eastern countries like the UAE. Other than these two groups, all the other tourists are Swiss or German, with the occassional American and Brit.

Two short videos that I put on YouTube.

Tuesday August 27
Sunny and hot, low 70s. Cooler up where we were hiking.

Hike: Laubbargli (1848m) to Seewle (2079m) to Bühlberg (1664m), lower route. 2.5 hours, 4.5 miles

We got the 10:25 bus up to Laubbargli. There were about 10 people on the bus, all of them hikers. The bus goes up a steep narrow mountain road, past farms, to a small restaurant. Several trails start there. You can do an easy low level walk across the hillside to Buhlberg. We took the middle route which is about 20 minutes up through a forest and then 20 brutal minutes up an open field, before you turn to walk across the hillside.

Last year we continued up for another 40 minutes to do the high level route.

The middle level hike is very nice. You have incredible views down to Lenk and of the big rocky mountains at the head of the valley. From this height you can see the glaciers on top. We walked by a few farms and a spot where people go paragliding (no one there today), then continued across fields and into a more overgrown and shaded area.

The hut with a view where we usually have lunch was occupied by hikers with barking dogs (you don’t run into many dogs on trails here) so we didn’t stop and instead had our lunch in a field.

We started the hike at 10:50 and were at Buhlberg at 1:40, for the 2:05 bus. An easy day. It was hotter down in Lenk, but clouds moved in and it got cooler.

Wednesday August 28
Warm and partially overcast, with heavy rain starting at 4pm and going through the evening.

Hike: Leiterli (1943m) to Stubleni (2109m) to Tungelpass (2084m) and return, 7.5 miles, 4 hours

When we met up with friends in the Cotswolds a couple of weeks ago we found out they were doing a driving trip to Switzerland. leaving the same day we were, but going slowly and camping. Today Marie and Rick arrived in Lenk.

We took the Betelberg gondola up to Leiterli and did a nice out and back hike. There are three main hikes from Leiterli and all involve a long downhill to Lenk. In order to avoid the downhill, which can be hard on your knees and feet, we walk out on the trail, but turn back at the point where it starts to go downhill. We walked out for two hours, with one steep climb but mostly somewhat flat, to Dungelpass. From there you can walk down to Lenk or down to Launen above Gstaad. Or you can climb up a very steep looking rockface to another set of trails. The pass is rocky with fabulous views. There was a hillside of white flowers and many cows.

We had lunch there then walked back, arriving in Lenk just as the rain started and Marie and Rick arrived. They were camping out by Simmenfalle at the end of the valley but the rain was so hard that they could not get set up, so they came and spent the night with us (we are in a 2 bedroom apartment). We had a nice dinner together.

Thursday August 29
Warm and sunny, temps in low 70s in town.

Walk: Iffigenalp (1584m) to Groppi (1741m), 45 minutes each way.

The four of us drove up to Iffigenalp, up 500 meters on a narrow, stone winding road following the river. This is a timed road. You can drive up starting from 30 minutes to 45 minutes after the hour, and return starting on the hour until 15 minutes past. The drive takes 15 minutes.

While we were waiting at the start of the timed road for 11:30 to arrive I harassed a man wearing an Ibex t-shirt to find out if he had seen Ibex in Switzerland. Sure he had seen Ibex, lots of them, at 3000m (too high for us to climb to), 40 years ago in south eastern Switzerland. His t-shirt was from Bergun, in the mountains near St Moritz. Next trip.

Usually the parking lots at Iffigenalp are full and we guiltily park in the restaurant lot, but this time there was hardly any cars up there. We parked, walked 45 minutes out to the end of the valley, walked back, had our sandwiches sitting under a tree, then drove back down at 2pm.

I love this valley and Marie and Rick loved it too. Next week we will return and do a longer hike.

Back in Lenk Marie and I hit the shops. That didn't take long - Lenk is small. A couple of clothing shops (with very expensive but beautiful clothes), a couple of outdoor shops, a couple of tourist shops. I purchased a couple of inexpensive notebooks, one for me, one for Steve, and Marie got this very cute soft troll to sit on the car dash. I forgot to take a photo of it!

Tonight they are in the campground probably enjoying the evening and hearing the waterfall.

Friday August 30
Sunny and warm, temp low 70s, muggy at times with a few bugs on the trail.

Hike: Leiterli (1943m) to Trutlisbergpass (2038m) to Lenk (1068m), 5 hours

We do this hike once or twice each visit. We have photos from this hike 32 years about! We take the gondola to the top, walk back into the mountains, climb up to a ridge and then it is several hours of gentle downhill through fields, stopping for lunch, past sheep and cows, past farms and woods, stopping at a spring fed watering trough where I take off shoes and socks and put tired feet into ice cold water, down into a valley and across a river, through woods beside the river to Wallegg Stube, a restaurant on the outskirts of Lenk stopping for coffee and plum tart, the a last 45 minute descent into Lenk.

It was hot but not too hot, muggy and buggy in places, a very enjoyable walk.

We got home at 5pm then had a last visit with our friends at their campsite.

We had planned to ride up together on the gondola but when they were driving out in the morning they were stuck behind a Cow Parade! It took them an hour to drive what should have been 15 minutes and we had to get started on our hike or we would have been returning very late.

The cows were dressed up with bells and flowers and probably came down from the meadows above Simmenfälle. I posted a video of those cows in the fields a few days ago. They walked all the way to their barn on the edge of town. Rick and Marie took the gondola up and did a short walk. They leave tomorrow to continue to Lake Lucerne but they loved Lenk. The spot where they camped near the falls is lovely. A nice small campground in a field beside woods.

A video of the sheep with their bells.

View: https://youtu.be/JpHIQaC9bn8
Pauline, what do think of your Apple Watch? Would you recommend it over a Fitbit? Pros and con?

I am still working out the activity tracker but like it so far. I did not get the more expensive version that you can use for phone calls and texts when your iPhone is not near. My iPhone is in my back pack and I can receive and reply to texts (reply by voice) easily while walking. I even took a phone call with the watch (junk call). To do this your phone has to be near.

You could do all this with your phone, even the activity tracker, but the watch is convenient.

When I’ve used it for a week I will start a thread about it with my thoughts and get others to weigh in.

It looks nicer than the Fitbit. I am still wearing both.
Saturday August 31, 2019
Sunny and warm, temps in high 60s, with rain forecast for 5pm but it started much earlier.

Hike: Bus to Iffigenalp. Iffigenalp (1584m) to Langermatte (1856m) to Oberlaubhorn viewpoint (1999m) to Rezliberg (1405m) to Simmenfalle (1102m). Bus to Lenk.

Our friends left this morning and we headed out for a good hike. We took the bus to Iffigenalp. Usually this bus is very crowded. They run two buses at the same time to deal with the crowds. But today there were not that many hikers. This should have been a warning to us. I had checked the weather and rain was forecast for 5pm. It might have said thunderstorms before that but for some reason I read that as no rain just thunder (duh). I did pack our rain jackets and ponchos.

I knew we would get rain on this trip - we always do in Switzerland and August is monsoon season with lovely mornings and heavy rain in the late afternoons. I always hope that monsoon season will be over before we arrive. I brought rain trousers for those very wet days when we would walk on the trails in the valley (because cloud would cover the peaks). I brought rain jackets and ponchos. BUT I forgot the waterproof covers for our backpacks and the waterproof packing bags you use inside the packs.

The hike starts with a good 90 minute climb from Iffigenalp at 1584m to Langermatte at 1856m. Almost 300m which is similar to the hike from Simmenfalle to Rezliberg. This hike is more steep and it feels much harder. We slowly made our way up the hill. The views were beautiful. We are using two hiking poles each now on the hikes, which helps. We were walking so slow that my new Apple Watch workout app kept asking if I was finished my workout. No! Just having a drink of water. Or, No! Just walking very slow. I found today that there is a hiking setting. I had been using the walking setting. Maybe with hiking it understands the need to walk very slow. We will see. I am still walking with both the Apple Watch and the Fitbit on my wrist.

Once at Langermatte I decided we needed to go up 100m more to a viewpoint that we had never been to. It was a tough climb and was very buggy up there. Nice views over Lenk but perhaps not worth it.

We came back down to Langermatte hoping to have our lunch in the fields up there, enjoying the tremendous views and the sunshine, when it began to rain and then to pour. We stuffed our iPhones and Steve's wallet into ziploc bags and put on our rain jackets and started the 800m long downhill in pouring rain. The trail is steep and goes through trees, so we took the road instead. Only a few farms use the road, so there are no cars, and it is a dirt road and is much longer, but easier to walk.

By the time we got down to the Rezliberg valley, the rain stopped. We were soaked through but started to dry as we continued walking. The light on the mountains was lovely and the waterfalls and river were really running.

We had started out on the 10:28 Iffigenalp bus and made it back to Lenk at 4:30 on the Simmenfalle bus.

We did some shopping (Coop closes at 5pm on Saturday and is not open Sunday) and talked to a very informative person at the tourist office. They have a new hiking map for the valley north from Zwiesimmen, a place I have been trying to figure out on past visits. Now we can do some hikes there.

Despite the rain it was a wonderful hike, but we are both tired and sore after two big hikes.

Sunday September 1, 2019
Cloudy in the morning, sunny midday, rain and thunder in the late afternoon.

Hike: Easy walk from Lenk along the river towards Simmenfalle and back. 2 hours.

We needed a rest day and if it rains tomorrow we will have another! The sun came out midday so we did a flat walk.

I forgot to mention in the Friday post that my Apple Watch outdid itself tracking our hike. It kept asking if I was finished my workout. I kept saying no. Then once the rain started I ignored all its beeps. When I reviewed the days activity it had recorded:
3.82 mile outdoor walk
1.81 mile outdoor run
30 Cal outdoor cycle
1.74 mile outdoor run
Total of 19,981 steps and 9.05 miles and 23 flights.

My fitbit recorded 19,903 steps and 8.08 miles and 58 floors.

I am still running my testing on these. I like the fitbit way of showing stats better. But I like the Apple Watch because it does other things, like give me the wrong weather report.

Monday September 2, 2019
Overcast with some drizzle. Cooler, 55F.

Hike: Lenk to Simmenfalle and back, 5.4 miles.

A second day of bad weather but the next days will be better. We had another lazy day but managed a 5 mile walk along the river midday when it was not raining. We walked around town and did some grocery shopping. I bought waterproof covers for our backpacks. Backpacks are never waterproof because that would make them heavier and add to the expense. 50CHF (about 50 euro) which I would not have had to pay if I had just remembered to bring the ones I have at home! We could have had coffee and cake for that :)

There were about 30 young kids (maybe 10 years old) in the Coop when we were there, all buying candy and snacks. They were consulting each other about what to buy, comparing prices and choices. They lined up orderly at the cashier and paid carefully. I think they were a group on an outing because they were outside gathered around someone but they could just be kids after school. They were all very cute.

Some young girls ran by us on the street and called out “grüezi” (the Swiss greeting) to us, even though they were running fast. A kid passing us on a bike did the same. The kids ahead of us in the cashier line put the divider after their things making sure we had room to put down our things. Very polite!

I’ve cooked all our meals here, as I usually do. We will probably have a lunch out sometime and a dinner, but that is it. We have cozy evenings in the apartment. We are working through season 2 of Peaky Blinders on Netflix, a British TV show that we missed when it was broadcast. This apartment has a huge Smart TV.

Tuesday September 3, 2019
Sunny and beautiful. 70F.

Hike: Gondola up to Leiterli. Leiterli (1943m) to Stubleni (2109m) to Gryden to Leiterli. Then we walked down to Stoss, the middle station (1634m). 6 miles.

After two days of rain or drizzle, we woke up to brilliant sunshine. We took the Gondola to the top station, Leiterli, and did a 2 hour circular walk which has a bit of ascent. We had lunch sitting at the top of Stubleni with views over the Lenk valley and the Gstaad valley. Stunningly beautiful.

After that we did an easy walk from the top station down to the middle station. The only other time we have done this was when Barb and Art were visiting us here, two years ago. It is an easy walk with stunning views. We stopped at a new restaurant along the way for coffee. It was a very relaxed day.

We rode up on the Gondola with a Swiss man from Bern. It is an hour and a half drive to Lenk from Bern. He skis in Lenk in the winter and told us how much more crowded it is then. Long lines for the gondola.

On the trail a young Swiss couple stopped us to take a photo of them and we got talking. The woman spoke English. They live in Bern and like to come out into the mountains. She is originally from Meiringen where we spent a week last summer after Lenk. This was their first visit to Lenk. We ran into them again in the restaurant.

We got home around 4pm and enjoyed the last of the sunshine on the terrace. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be similar, but Thursday looks like rain and then it is getting cooler.

We are midway through our 3 weeks here. It has been a very relaxing trip. The drive here was tiring but it was not much more difficult than flying. It is nice to be up in the mountains, to think only about what hikes you have done and which you will do. We have been follwing the Brexit news - which is hideous - but it feels far away.

Wednesday September 4, 2019
Sunny and beautiful. 70F.
Hike: Chairlift from Schonried to Horneggli (1800m), walked on trails there. 5.5 miles.

It was the last warm and sunny day before the weather becomes wetter and cooler so we decided to have our annual lunch out at Hornberg because sitting out on their terrace in the sun having the best rosti in the area is really nice.

We drove to Schonried (near Gstaad - 40 minute drive), and took the chairlift up to Horneggli (cost 33CHF each return, plus 5CHF to park - which is new, previously it was free). From there we walked to Hornberg (20min) where there are two restaurants and a hotel. You can drive up here but it is a long narrow mountain road. We had to do it one year when the chairlift was closed. You would save 71CHF, so it is worth considering.

The Horneggli chairlift used to be my favorite ride in this area but several years ago they put plexiglass covers over the seats and it was like sitting in a sauna. After riding up and down like this we realized that you can manually push the covers back, so it is back to being my favorite. I also had a bad incident once when I wedged my hiking pole into the seat mechanism making it so that it could not close and we were up very high with nothing to stop us sliding off the seats. I am more careful now!

The ride takes about 20 minutes and brings you high above farms and fields and then over woods. It is like sky diving (which I have done once). Peaceful and quiet. You are suspended above things, looking down on the activities. There are great views of the Gstaad valley and mountains.

It is a 20 minute mostly uphill walk on a good trail from the chairlift to the restaurants. We walked out from there for a couple of hours before lunch. There were a lot of people on the trail coming towards us. The popular trail up here is to take the gondola from Zweisimmen up to Rinderberg and then walk for 2 hours to Hornberg, then 20 minutes to the chairlift, down to Schonried and train back to Zweisimmen. This is a great trail if you are staying in the Gstaad area because you get a very discounted price on the rides. But if you are staying in Lenk you pay full price and it is about 60CHF each. You end up spending a lot of time on transportation for a not very long walk, so instead we usually ride the chairlift and walk out and back.

We walked out on the trail towards Rinderberg but then took another trail to Parwengestattel. We haven't been on this trail before and I wanted to read the hiking signs to see where it goes. We could take it to St Stephen, the town near Lenk, which would be fun but I think it is a very steep downhill walk which I don't like to do. You can also walk to Leiterli, the Lenk gondola top station, but that is a very long walk (over 6 hours) and I don't think we could manage it, at least not before 5pm when the gondola stops running. At least we got to walk out part way and have a look at the valley the trail goes through.

We walked back to the restaurants and had our usual rosti lunch at Hornfluh. There were a lot of hikers at both restaurants.

Back down on the chairlift and to the car. We drove to Saanen, the town next to Gstaad, just to do a short walk around town and pickup the really good bread (and some buttered pretzels) from Early Beck, the small chain of bakeries in Gstaad and Saanen. We once spent 2 weeks in Saanen, and loved the town. It has changed now - more chalets, pedestrian area in the center, feels more upscale - but is still a nice area. We stay in Lenk because the vacation rentals are significantly cheaper and we think the hiking is better.

I did our laundry last night. There is a shared washer and dryer in the basement and I think we are the only people here right now. I did my new trick of doing a first empty wash with vinegar to remove the scents (I also remove the detergent dispenser and clean it), then doing our loads. I don't use the dryer because it always make clothes fragrant. This apartment now has a drying rack (I pleaded for one) and I hung everything out overnight. We are over half way through our time here!

Thursday September 5, 2019
Colder, overcast in the morning, rain after that, sometimes heavy. 55F.

Hike: Short walk out in the valley but turned back because of the weather.

Today was forecast to be rain all day but it was sunny in the morning so we thought we would take a chance and walk in the valley. We could see some dark clouds coming in. We had intended to do a 2 hour walk climbing up to river from Iffigenalp and back, but we walked out about a mile and I made us turn back. The sky was darkening and I decided I did not want to get soaked through again, so we hustled back home, did some grocery shopping and settled in for the day. The rain started around 1pm so we could have done our hike. Oh well.

We needed a rest day. We are not doing tough hikes, and they are not that long, but we are both feeling the walking. The sun is more direct here. I am starting to feel the altitude. It was good to hang around listening to podcasts and knitting.

Friday September 6, 2019
Cold with heavy clouds covering the mountains. 45F!!!

Hike: Gondola up to Leiterli. Leiterli (1943m) to Stubleni (2109m) to Gryden to Leiterli. 4 miles, 2 hours.

What a difference a couple of days make! The forecast showed no rain but it was cold (low 40sF) and we could not see the mountain tops because of the clouds settling in the valley. We decided to go up the gondola just to see what it is like up there in this weather. We have a two week pass for the gondola this year and this encourages us to use it more. On other trips we get passes twice, each time for a few days.

We dressed in all the layers we brought - long sleeve hiking t-shirt, light wool hiking pullover, light fleece. I added a neck scarf, Steve a jacket. Rain jackets in our packs. Wool hats and fleece gloves that I packed at the last minute, just in case. I certainly did not think we would get weather this cold! Next time I will bring our lightweight puffy jackets that fold up very small.

When we arrived at the top of the gondola it was colder than in the valley but not unpleasant. It was muddy on the trails but nothing like the mud we get in England. We did the 2 hour walk, walking into the cloud. This was one way to escape other hikers, but we did see a few.

We enjoyed the hike and were lucky that it didn’t rain. No views like we normally get on that trail, but it was misty and beautiful still.

A lazy afternoon in the apartment.

Saturday September 7, 2019
Thick clouds covering the mountains. 45F!!!

Hike: Walked along the river and some trails around town. 5.4 miles.

The day turned out better than forecast but it was still cold (50F) and the cloud was low down on the hills. We headed out to walk along the river to Simmenfalle but turned off on a trail we’ve never been on. It took us up the hill to some old farmhouses on the edge of Lenk. We did not know about this neighbourhood and it was fun walking through it.

We got back to Lenk faster than we wanted so walked out again so that we had a 2 hour walk. Nothing much else today. This is turning into a very restful holiday! We have good views from our apartment and enjoyed watching the weather today.

Sunday September 8, 2019
Heavy rain, cold, heavy clouds covering the mountains, snow on mountain tops. A bit warmer, 50F.

Hike: Lenk to Simmenfalle and back. 6 miles, 2 hours.

This was the worst day in the forecast but everything changes tomorrow and we should have a good weather last week.

We woke up to heavy rain. When we left the apartment to get fresh bread (one bakery is open on Sundays) we looked up to the mountains and they were covered in snow! It was cold last night. It rained all morning but then it stopped and the sun came out. We put on rain trousers and rain jackets and went out. We did a lovely, easy, 6 mile walk out and back along the river. We’ve done this several times now but I love this walk. It really works well in bad weather.

We had good views of the snow covered mountain tops. It started to rain about 15 minutes from the end of the walk. Once we got home it started to rain harder.

I went for a massage today at the Lenkerhof, the town’s luxury hotel and spa. Excellent massage. I went into their outdoor natural spring water pool, hot sulphur water, but it wasn’t hot enough. Still nice to be in the warm water and look at the mountains.


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