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Paris My first visit to Paris in 2011

I want to tell you a story about my first travel abroad. I visited two countries: Germany and France. And actually, I have visited one more country. It was Austria. But it happened by accident so there was nothing interesting about that. This time I would like to post a report about my trip to Paris.
I landed in Germany by plane coming from Moscow. My cousin Oxana met me at the airport of Frankfurt on Main and we headed to Marburg where my relatives live. After a couple of days of having rest in Marburg, I got on a train to Paris. TGV train was moving very quickly. I had never traveled faster, except flying on planes.

Finally, I arrived at the train station in Paris. Bonjour Paris!

When I got out from the train station my impression was that Paris was not as clean city, as cities in German are.
What do you think was the first thing I decided to see? Yes, of course! I got on the metro and went to the Eiffel Tower.

I took a ticket to the tower and started climbing. I have been almost on every part of the tower. I took a lot of pictures. Here are some of them…

The second popular thing in Paris for me was the Triumphal arch. I went there on my foot about 3 kilometers…

It was getting dark and I thought it was time to go to a hostel that was near Montmartre. Staff of the metro was very polite and they helped me to buy a ticket and to get on a correct train. I quickly came to my station and I visited the highest point of Paris. I could see almost whole Paris from there…

I met 3 young people in the hostel. 1 boy and 2 girls. They were from Argentina.

Having said goodbye to my new friends and exchanged contacts I continued my second day in Paris. Next attraction was the Louvre.

As I am not a fan of the art I didn’t go inside. I just walked around the Palace. Then I continued to walk along the river Seine.

While I was walking, a woman came to me and offered me a gold ring that she found nearby.

As I am from Russia and I was aware of such kind of tricks, I didn’t touch this ring saying that it was not mine. Then I noticed how she did it with other people.

The famous way of parking cars in Paris.

Finally, time of visiting Paris ran out and I went to train station to go back to Germany. When I arrived at the train station I felt exhausted because of long time walking and not proper eating. I found my train, took a seat and relaxed. I was almost ready to fall asleep, suddenly a man who apparently was a staff of the train said something in French and all people got off the train. It looked as I should have done the same. I got off the train and asked the staff what I should do. He said that the train was faulty and I had to get on another one. I got on another train and had a long conversation with a train conductor to learn how to change trains during the trip to achieve my destination. It was my first serious practice of English. I managed to get back to my relatives and was happy about my travel to Paris.

Thank you for reading everything. Next time I will tell you about travel to German Alps.
I wish you memorable journeys!

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