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  1. Terry

    Paris We Fell in Love With France

    By teaberry from Pennsylvania, USA, Spring 2006 April 7 to April 23, 2006. We spent our first week in Paris and had a family reunion, and spent our second week in glorious Provence. This trip report was originally published on SlowTrav. Why France, and Where to Go? In the summer of 2005, my...
  2. Pauline

    Transportation Eurostar Train from London to Paris

    The Eurostar is a high speed train that gets you from London to Paris in 2 hours and 15 minutes. 20 minutes of that trip is underground through the Chunnel - a tunnel under the English Channel. The cost and travel time are similar to flying, but on the Eurostar you leave from and arrive at...
  3. Pauline

    Food & Drink Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants in Paris

    There is a large network of vegetarian restaurants and natural food shops throughout France. This is not a complete list of vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Paris but is my personal list. Resources listed at the bottom of the article provide more information. NOTES If you can't find a...
  4. Doug Phillips

    Footloose in Provence & Paris

    By Doug Phillips from Canada, Fall 2005 Thirteen days in Provence and four days in Paris, including some wonderful food and wine, a day in Nice, and an unexpected encounter with "Good Year" - September 10-27, 2005 This trip report was originally posted on SlowTrav. Introduction and Planning...
  5. Doug Phillips

    Paris A Traveller in Paris

    By Doug Phillips from Canada, Fall 2006 October 21-28, 2006. A very enjoyable week in Paris in a great location in the Marais, featuring a different restaurant each evening, an afternoon mini-GTG, very smooth transportation connections and local travel. A real bonus was unexpectedly good...
  6. Alexander Ulyanovsk

    Paris My first visit to Paris in 2011

    I want to tell you a story about my first travel abroad. I visited two countries: Germany and France. And actually, I have visited one more country. It was Austria. But it happened by accident so there was nothing interesting about that. This time I would like to post a report about my trip to...
  7. Amy

    Paris Croissant Run 2006 - A Return to Paris

    Summer 2006. A week in Paris, spread out to bracket a week in Burgundy. This was our fifth visit to Paris, and certainly not our last. The week in Burgundy is in a separate trip report. Still At My Desk Many years ago, I landed in Paris while on my way to Turkey. Three days in Paris gave me...
  8. Amy

    Paris Paris with the Boys - Taking Teens to Paris

    April 2007 - Amy and her husband spend a week in Paris with their teen boys. Back to Paris, Teens Included I often tell my eldest son Dan that he really was in Paris once. I was newly pregnant, and tagged along with my husband Larry on a business trip to Paris. The morning sickness, dietary...
  9. C

    Leonardo, Leonardo, Leonardo (Or the Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful)

    Trip Description: April 2005. A Quick Trip to London and Paris, followed by Slow Travel in Italy, a week in Florence and a couple of days in Rome, with my sister and daughter. Introduction My daughter Kate had the good fortune to spend the second semester of her junior year in college in...
  10. phirhon

    Nine Weeks in France and Italy, 2010

    I am posting this with the France trip reports even though it includes Italy because most of our time was in France. Trip Description September 11 to November 13, 2010. One week in Paris followed by a week in Briancon, two weeks in Italy and another five weeks in France. Week 1 - Paris After...
  11. Pauline

    Article Update on Vacation Rentals in Paris

    @Doru sent me the link to this article that gives a good update on the situation with vacation rentals in Paris. Paris Update - A Home in Paris, The Luxuries of Living in a Real Paris Apartment, September 27, 2017, by Adrian Leeds From the article: "The Paris city laws (at the time of writing)...
  12. BJinNM

    Hints for a handicapped traveler

    I have a good friend whose husband is a double amputee. He wears artificial legs and does very well with them. They are going to London, Paris and Budapest next April and I have been giving them hints as to what to do about laundry, phones, etc. They will have a scooter with them. I remember...
  13. Doru

    Paris Paris au Ralenti (Paris in Slow Motion) - Fall 2012

    By Doru from Canada, Fall 2012. Three weeks in the Lower Marais, living la vie parisienne. Wednesday, 12 September - Arrival and Settling in the Lower Marais This starts from rue du Petit Musc, in the Lower Marais, Paris, where we have installed ourselves for what we hope will be a wonderful...
  14. Doru

    Paris De retour à Paris - Doru's 2010 Journal

    By Doru from Canada, Fall 2010, A return to Paris, living "la vie parisienne" like the Parisians do... Meeting Saint-Antoine, the Neighbourhood The flight from Toronto, with Air Canada, was quite pleasant. The 777 has less leg room than the 767, but it is adequate. The in-flight Air Canada...
  15. Doru

    Paris Impressions fugitives - 12 days in Paris, April 2004

    By Doru from Canada, Spring 2004. Impressions, some passing and some lasting, from a recent return to one of our favorite cities. “This city, before Julius Caesar’s time, had been little more than a flood-prone fishing village clinging to a marshy island in the middle of the Seine and inhabited...
  16. S

    Luggage transport in Paris

    Hello I plan to visit Paris in september with my wife. We would like to know if it’s possible to leave our luggage in the rental and to have them back directly in the airport without going back in the rental ? Is that service exist in Paris ? Thank you