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Article New York Times list of where to go 2019


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I’ve been to 16 of the places. It is an odd list. Eilat in southern Israel in #6. We were there last November and it is not, IMO, a great destination. I loved the Negev, the southern Israel desert, but Eilat was tacky.

And for Switzerland they choose Vevey? It is a nice town but I think there are many better destinations in Switzerland.

Golfo Paradiso, the area around Camogli in Liguria, Italy, is on the list. We were there last May. It is a great area.

Still, nice to read details about new places.


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Very odd list...I have only been to 10...some I have not even heard of before. Doha is listed...our daughter traveled there from DC for work every year, but no longer goes due to security issues.


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