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Photo Hunt 2018 No. 20 - Walking

This week’s Photo Hunt No. 20 (Week of May 20, 2018) – Walking

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I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful jewelry from different places around the world. The variety of the pieces, the colors and material they are made from was very cool and interesting to see. To see them being created and also worn by the locals is also very special to see.

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While visiting Scotland in 2009, I discovered some wonderful walking paths everywhere I stayed. This photo was on one such walking path up to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. At the top there are beautiful panoramic views of the city below. Being the month of November, I was really lucky that I had a sunny day for my walk.

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A bit further afield this time - Mongolia. We'd spent the morning walking in Khustai National Park. This is natural steppe grassland and is famous for the Takhi wild horse – the original wild Mongolian horse, and a different species to the domestic horse. These were extinct in the wild and a few specimens were discovered in zoos and have been reintroduced here. The animals are completely wild and have never been tamed or ridden.
Screen shot 2018-05-21 at 11.04.19.png

We spent a night here, sleeping in a tradition ger.
Screen shot 2018-05-21 at 11.05.06.png

This is wonderful walking country - there are no recognised footpaths - you just wander where you want. We climbed up onto one of the ridges (and yes, that is me enjoying the view!)
Khustai National Park.png


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One of our favorite walks began here…

It was about a 4 km walk to our goal through the rain forest and 4 km back out

The trails were well marked, but there was a lot of ups and downs
As we walked there was plenty to see

Then we could hear the roar of the waterfall

Our destination had been reached. It was the smallest of series of three chutes with only 30 meter drop.
The tallest waterfall has a 110 meter drop. We chose the little falls because it was the trail less traveled. We did not see a soul on our walk. The sounds of the frogs and birds sang to us the entire walk in and back out.

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