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Photo Hunt 2018 No. 27 - Fruit

Kathy (Trekcapri)

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This week’s Photo Hunt No. No. 27 (Week of July 8, 2018) – Fruit

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I feel so lucky when I happen to be traveling to a place where there’s some kind of festival or celebration going on. First it’s fun and second I feel more like a local taking part in their celebration. It’s also a unique learning experience to the traditions of their culture. I enjoyed seeing a couple examples of celebrations you all were able to photograph and experience.

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One can’t visit Venice, Italy without making a trip to their famous Rialto Market. It’s colorful, busy, and full of delicious fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood. The delicious looking fruit cups being sold at this one vendor caught my camera’s lens and my appetite.



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When we're in Italy, we try to see the wonderful fruits not only in the markets, but also where they grow. The photos are from north-west Italy (and tomatoes are indeed fruits, the ones in the last photo are mechanically harvested, probably for paste) :




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Medlars were popular in Medieval times but you don't see them around now, which is one of the reasons I decided to plant a medlar tree in the garden. They have pretty white flowers, which develop into a rather strange looking fruit which has a variety of rude names...

My fruits are still ripening and will turn brown in another month. They are very hard and inedible when picked and have to be 'bletted'. They have to be stored in a cool dry place for about three weeks by which time they have softened. eaten raw, they are rich and sweet and taste a bit like figs. Alternatively they make a very good jelly...




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