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Photo Hunt 2018 No. 51 - My Special Place

Kathy (Trekcapri)

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This week’s Photo Hunt No. 51 – My Special Place (What travel destination holds a special place in your heart.)

I really enjoyed everyone’s photos and loved the variety of framed captures (including one for your eyes). Fun thread.​

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I have been so fortunate to travel to so many amazing places. From the charming and quaint small towns to the high octane big cities, I have always found something that I love in all of them. With that said, there is one place that captured my heart the first time I visited and has continued to hold my heart each time I’ve returned. There’s just something very special about this place that I simply connect with.

Any guesses?

I love everything about Venice: the people, piazzas, churches, food, wine/prosecco, cafes/restaurants, art, islands, canals, gondolas, vaporettos, etc. I selected this photo of my view of Venice while arriving by plane, because I love everything about this place.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holidays!
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Although we love Europe and hope to be an expat in Spain one day, there is one place that my sweetie and I call our special place.

Our first visit was in 1979 and we have been returning frequent and often ever since. The island of St John in the USVI. The island took a horrible beating from Hurricane Irma, but the healing has begun.



And our favorite place can be found by snorkeling in the crystal blue waters and visiting new friends beneath the sea.




And we always write on the beach...


Planning has begun for a 2019 trip in May for my wife to compete in the Beach to Beach Swim - 3 1/2 miles in the ocean along the north coast of the island. We also need to check in on our friends.


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For us the special destination would be - and I'm not sure I really know why - the Bormida Valley in the Alta Langa of Piemonte, Italy. Especially the part from the town Vesime, through Bubbio to Monastero Bormida. Loazzolo and Roccaverano look upon it from the north-west and south, respectively.
Maybe it's the way the woods have been kept together with the vineyards or the mists in the morning, maybe it's the great DOP products that originate there, whether they be cheeses or wine, maybe it's the people, and maybe it's not really different from similar places in Italy.
Even though we return there on every trip to Piemonte, I'd still like to spend more time being based only there, perhaps a week, instead of the 2-3 days we usually allow ourselves while trying to see additional places in the province. I'd love to go there in the spring sometime, we're usually there only in autumn.




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