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Photo Hunt 2019 No. 47 - Memorable Meal

Kathy (Trekcapri)

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This week’s Photo Hunt 2019 No. 47 – Memorable Meal

Travelers make the best of their experiences and always venture out in sunshine, snow and rain to explore their curiosities and interests.

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My apologies for being a bit late. I have two memorable meals. First, on my recent trip to Portugal, I took a GrapeHops Portugal tour and was treated to an amazing lunch in the Douro Valley. This chicken pie dish and salad was my favorite.


In Venice, Italy we stumbled upon this small family owned restaurant near our apartment very close to Campo Santa Margherita called Osottoosopra. Since then, the owners have opened up two more restaurants due to their growing success.

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Ahhh, so many memories, so many calories.

My favorite gnocchi from Nona Gina's Osteria in Siena, Italy. They are the size of golf balls with a ricotta center, in pistachio cream sauce. They don't photograph well, but they are delicious.


Two shots from a fantastic meal at Land to Sea in Dingle, Ireland. The seafood appetizer was a delight for the eyes and the taste buds. The lamb in a red wine reduction with carrot puree and mint gel was the most tender I have ever had.




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My 70th Birthday celebration at Guy Savoy in Paris. A present from my daughter.
Artichoke soup with Truffle and Parmesan served with a truffle brioche and truffle butter.
Instructions from the waiter - dip the brioche in the soup!
We were given the raspberry pastry when leaving. My husband accidentally left his in the taxi and I had to share mine!!




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A very memorable meal was just last month on my birthday. We enjoyed an amazing lunch at Chateau de la Chevre d'Or outdoor restaurant Les Remparts in Eze, France.


My wife and I with our very close friends dined on a beautiful day overlooking the Mediterranean. It was eze (play on words) of why it was on Jack Nicholson’s Bucket List. This was the view from our table.


Unfortunately, I did not get a shot of the amuse-bouche but it was enjoyed with the Bandol.

Ladies on the left – Gentleman on the Right



The wines of the afternoon

And the highlight dessert was ordered by my sweetie


It looks like a lemon, but it was a combination white chocolate and lemon chiboust.

Service Amazing – View Hard to Match Anywhere – Food Beyond Description!

More pics on that wonderful day can be found on our Côte d'Azur Trip Report


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My favourite pain aux raisins in a cafe in Montmartre in Paris.
Not memorable in itself, but while I was eating, a huge framed- in- glass poster jumped off the wall behind me, crashing down on the table , just missing me by millimetres.
When the staff looked, the nails were still in the wall, and the wire hanger on the back of the frame was still intact.....doo doo doo doo...…



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When we travel in the countryside in Italy, we don't always want to eat lunch at a restaurant. When we start to get hungry we look for a nice spot and take out some things we buy at a grocer, in this case :
some Robiola di Roccaverano, our favorite cheese
a juicy pomodoro cuore di bue (beefsteak tomato)
a head of lettuce
artichoke hearts in olive oil
some pesto

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