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Post Your Most Memorable Pics of Italy


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I always enjoy seeing the use of local stones in architecture. Here are a few examples from two years ago in northern Italy :







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Joe: I always enjoy seeing the use of local stones in architecture. Here are a few examples from two years ago in northern Italy

These were taken in northern Italy as well. Interesting to see the stonework in various places.


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Venezia, December 4, 2016

At Campo San Barnaba, we saw people lining both sides of the canal, looking into the water. This was what they were looking at. There may have been millions of these 5-6 inch fish swimming in schools. Don't know what kind of fish.



Never saw them before or since.

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When we're in Italy, I love to see the quite prolific use of bicycles by young and old. I like to blend them into the shots I take of mundane things. Here are some (two posts) :






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Absolutely, no idea. It was a phenomenon for that day. Never saw it before or since.
It may have been Grey Mullet. I'm no expert, that's for sure. But I thought it might be that kind of fish for a reason. We experienced a fun and crazy once in a lifetime natural phenomenon (I think!) on the Po River, near Polesine Parmense, where my cousin lives. And, I believe, the Po runs toward Venice. So, perhaps large schools of fish congregate. I know we stirred up a large school of fish one time.

No Spin I know you said you were interested in travel stories and, given the current situation, we can all use a good story! Anyway, my cousin has been involved in the environmental clean up and care-taking of the River Po for years and he brings people out on the river for tours.

So, we were out for a boat ride one hot 95' summer day in 2012 when a fish sort of flew out of the water and hit my husband in the head! We had a good laugh over it and continued on further down the river. We weren't going fast, just putting along and looking at the shore, the birds and talking. A while later, we turned around and were heading back when several fish jumped out of the river and landed in the boat. Within a couple minutes, dozens of fish were flying out of the river, hitting us and some landing in the boat!

Fish seemed to be flying everywhere! The boat and we were suddenly covered in fish scale and slime. I've attached a couple of photos below. If you look closely in the second, you can see airborne fish! We counted over 150 fish! My husband started throwing them back when my cousin said "No, we want them". We stopped at a beach and cleaned and gutted them all. My cousin called a friend who is a chef, who delightedly picked them up at the dock. We and the boat were smelly and gross! My cousin, who had grown up on the river, had heard stories of a few fish flying, but he had never seen nor heard of this happening with so many fish! You can see him laughing! What an unforgettable day!


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Loved, loved the story. It would have freaked out both my wife and myself though, glad it happened to you! :D


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Did you get to eat some?
Hahaha. No, we didn't. I don't eat fish, but I guess they were glad to get them in that quantity. My cousin is good friends with the owner of Antica Corte Palavicina, which is a small palace on the river, that's a fancy agriturismo, restaurant and farm that produces culatello. You can tour the cellars of culatello. It's a pretty upscale restaurant that was highlighted in Anthony Bourdain's Emilia Romagna segment of an Italian trip. Michelin star, I think. It's an interesting take if you can find it online.
Some fish were given to a couple of older ladies, his mother's friends. Their home was taken over during WWII by the Nazi's. And when the Germans left, they left in a hurry leaving all kinds of military items behind, which these women have all over this house. It's really a museum.


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Our early December 2019 trip to Italy. We started in Orvieto. We were the only guests at the small Inn where we stayed, but they went all out to prepare our dinner. Of course we visited Civita di Bagnoregio.


We spent one night in Cortona. If you have watched Under the Tuscan Sun (as I have several times) you will recognize this scene.

From there it was onto Maranello and a visit to the Ferrari factory (no photography allowed inside the factory). A second factory visit to Schedoni in Modena. Owner Simone Schedoni gave us a tour not only of the workshop (showing us custom luggage for the new Rolls Royce SUV), but also his private attic with 100 year old balsamic vinegar.


Then we made Ravenna our base for a few days. We attended several cultural events both formal and informal.

And then day trip visits to Cervia, Cesenatico and Rimini. Cesenatico is a very busy summer town, but is deserted in winter, everything is closed. The Grand Hotel is closed to guests, but they hold functions. We got a tour and were very impressed. The boat displays in the canal were a unique sight for us. On the other hand, Rimini was alive and bustling. I'll continue in the next post as I reached my limit for attached files.



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One more photo from Cesenatico.

Rimini, we loved, loved it!


Our last stop before heading home was San Marino. We only had a few hours to visit there and it is on our list for a return visit.



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Looks like a great time of year to be in San Marino -- shoulder to shoulder tourists and street-lining souvenir stands were my memories of a July visit.


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Looks like a great time of year to be in San Marino -- shoulder to shoulder tourists and street-lining souvenir stands were my memories of a July visit.
You are right! I didn't include these photos because they were very uninteresting, but it shows how quiet it was there.

It's funny, when there are crowds it is difficult to move around and not so enjoyable. On the other hand, while we had the run of the place, you do like to see a few people.

We had a late lunch there and we were the only people in the restaurant. But I must say they treated us like their best guests ever! :)



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On the other hand, while we had the run of the place, you do like to see a few people.
Well, actually.......not really :) I love architectural photography and people get in the way :eek: I also love stylistic photography and the interplay of light/shadow, shapes, colors, and flora/fauna -- the more people, the less opportunity -- the irony is that I love talking to all the people I meet in my travels, but not when I have a camera in my hand. My wife is patient enough to often stand around for long, excruciating minutes while I wait for people to move away from a scene I want to photograph, so life is good.

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