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Slow Moments

Kathy (Trekcapri)

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Happy New Year and welcome to Slow Europe’s new Travel Fun thread called “Slow Moments”. Feel free to post any remarkable and/or memorable photo that you would like to share for any reason. Your photos can be from a past and/or current travel.

Similar to Pauline’s Photo a Day thread, this thread will be ongoing throughout the year. Members are free to post their photos on this same thread at any time. You can click on Reply and post your Slow Moments photos with a description (short or long). This thread was suggested by Joe and I thought it was a really fun new theme. Pauline is kind enough to allow us to use the Slow Europe Forum for this new Travel Fun theme.

I’ll kick things off with this sunrise photo taken just past the small town of Oncina de la Valdoncina in Spain. It was a beautiful start to a new day in 2016 and I thought it would be fitting for my first post for this new Slow Moments fun thread for 2020.


I’m looking forward to seeing and reading everyone’s Slow Moments photos.


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Speaking of Scottish Castles, here is a 30+ year old photo of Steve on our first trip to Scotland. We were the only visitors that day and the guy at the entry booth gave Steve the key to open up the castle. (In 1988-89 we spent 4 months traveling slowly around part of Europe, 2 months traveling slowly around the UK, then 3 months in a cottage outside of London. Our first Slow Travel - taking our time and staying in vacation rentals.)


October 1988, a castle in Scotland.


I don't remember which castle this was. I'll look up my notes.


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My winter project is working on my photos from our big 1988 trip to Europe (my first). I have a stack of photos, all scanned years ago, with captions written on the back. I am typing those captions into Lightroom. Reading my captions is pretty funny as I go to great lengths to describe hikes and places that we have since been back to many times and I now know very well. This one is my favourite.


Caption: Grindelwald - Kleine Scheidegg. They play these big horns. (July 1988)


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I think you would have a lot of slow moments if you lived in this little house, way out in the country in Iceland.
Only if to the left of the house the scenery is like what's to the right of the house...;)
Great shot.


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