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Slow Moments


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Beautiful, Joe. Does that big rock have a metal band around it? If so, what's it for?


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The band is completely natural, it's just a different mineral that got sedimented/layered when the rock was formed. The different color is probably just the natural chemical reaction of that mineral to the elements.
These type of round rocks are just called "bulbous" here, and their shape is usually explained as having to do with sediments of carbonate layering over the organic remains of ancient marine life.
It's also said that there is a Bedouin legend that relates how these are skulls of evil people that were punished by Allah, and serve as a reminder to be good to travelers in the desert.


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That boulder reminded me of the Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand.
Amazing. Yes, that looks like quite the same type of phenomenon. Probably the geological processes were a bit different, but we'd need a geologist on the forum to give us an educated answer....


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The source fxtop.com shows 2000 lire on today's date, May 2, in 1990 as converting to $1.61 U.S.


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This one is even more wrinkled :)
But oh the memories it brings back from my first trip to Europe in 1972.
I am positive that 100 pesetas were less than 1 dollar, but I do remember buying my first bottle of wine for 9 pesetas...



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We are having the best spring weather in years. Today was like summer (62F, sunny). We are doing the same walks/hikes over and over again but at least they are beautiful. Today was a short 4.5 mile walk from home. Last week we climbed that hill in the distance. Hope to do that again but it makes for a much longer hike. The hill is not high (nothing is around here).


italian excursion

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Last May I accompanied Erica Jarman on a 10 trip in Il Casentino, a remote area of eastern Tusany. This was a castle tower in a little hamlet we stayed in where maybe 10 people lived. I am missing Italy terribly as it is my second home; missing my community there and so proud of the way they are managing the pandemic for the whole of us. Let's get this thread back on track and do some more posting. It's a lovely idea for these times when travel is suspended. I wish everyone good health and travel images!



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