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Slow Moments


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We’ve had a heatwave! Several hot and sunny days in the UK. Some photos from Dorset.


Hive Beach on one of our hot days (75F).


Our lunch view on the Dorset coast, at Thornecombe Beacon. You never have to look far to see sheep here.


Shute’s Lane, a Holloway near Bridport. Not as old as the Italian Etruscan pathways, but an old path between villages.


Yesterday a sea mist moved in. Looking out at the English Channel with St Malo in Brittany straight across. We are missing our usual trip to Brittany this year.

italian excursion

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They keep telling us we're having a heatwave but I'm close enough to the beach that it's not hit over 74 and the morning has cloud cover, so it's pretty perfect here.......


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First Saturday in a long time that temperatures went a bit below 35C. So - time to go wandering again outdoors...
Photo from today's ride in Timna Valley, southern Israel.

And : it's harvest time in the northern hemisphere. Even though we are still hoping to return one day to our beloved autumn pumpkin, corn, grape, rice, chestnut and truffle fairs in northern Italy, our date harvest here is always a nice time as well.

timna ride sept small.jpg



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I was very amused by this - things haven't changed much in 500 years...

Yes, a nice photo.
But actually shows what has changed : today you clean your hands with liquids from small throw-away containers (and probably disposable clean-wipes), whereas the cleaning vessels of 500 years ago are still around.... ;)


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From today's staycation.....;)

Stormy weather in most of Israel this weekend, but not a drop of rain down here in the southern tip, unfortunately.

argaman from south sm.jpg

arg from south sm.jpg


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Some copper sights on a cold, crisp, clear Christmas Day.
From today's excursion to Timna valley, Israel.
Have a good one folks.





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Wow, it's been almost a year since the last post here....

Hey folks, post your slow moments here...remember that one person's backyard is another person's foreign destination. Same goes for shots of routine things - they all remind us that slow is the way to go, and that there are a lot of good things right before our eyes, wherever we are.

Have a good weekend!

From today's hike, Kasui Sands, southern Israel :






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