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TV Series Spiral Season 8 coming this winter

Jim Zurer

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Season 8 of Spiral (Engrenages)...the tough police drama set in Paris...is now being shown in France and will be shown in the US on the MHz network this winter along with Season 7. No word yet of a date for BBC which has shown all seven previous seasons. Really looking forward for the final episodes...



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Can't wait. What scrapes will Laure get into this time?
How is Gilou making ends meet? Will Roban's perjury come back to haunt him?

(And I think they could have made more of Marianne as well).
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Jim Zurer

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Contest 2019 Winner!
Spiral is back....and all ten episodes of the final season are available on the iPlayer.

So the question is...two a week or binge all ten. Let's think about it....

Okay, we have already watched the first four episodes....fantastic as ever. What a great show!!!!
We will miss it when it's over.


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