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The Canary Islands in January


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I have wanted to go to the Canaries in winter but never got around to booking a trip, but this time I will do it! I turn 65 in January and this is my present to myself. I am looking at Tenerife because I have a hiking guide for that island and I’ve heard mostly good things.

I want warm weather, possibly ocean swimming weather but it doesn’t have to be that hot, sun and hiking possibilities. I don’t want a city or a beach lined with high rises. We will rent a vacation rental and do most of our own cooking. We will fly there from the UK and rent a car. We’ll stay 2 weeks.

On Tenerife, Playa de las Americas seems to be the big tourist town that I probably want to avoid??

Playa de la Arena sounds good from an article on Culture Trip.

I am looking at rentals on AirBnB and I will look for some local agencies.

Any suggestions or opinions?


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