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TV Series The Crown on Netflix


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I’ve avoided watching the Netflix series The Crown about the current British Queen because I am not a fan of the monarchy and I thought it would be Downton Abbey-ish (I did not like that series). But we finally watched the first episode and we both like it a lot. We are on season 2 now. Season 3 is will be on later this year with new actors for many of the parts, as the characters get older.

I think the series is well written and well acted. I like the details of their lives - like the way they are dressed and undressed by servants - and the historic details.

Has anyone else been watching this?

Here is an article:


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I watched it and have been waiting for the next season. I found it fascinating for all those details of their lives.


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I enjoyed watching the earlier seasons of "The Crown", although not at all a fan of the parasitic British Monarchy. (And I couldn't watch more than a few episodes of Downton Abbey either...).
I loved John Lithgow as Churchill!
So I guess I will watch the next season; as long as they don't dwell on any royal weddings! ;-(


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I don't have Netflix so haven't been following, but I did see the very first episode at my brother's, and spotted a minor inaccuracy, which rather put me off (and I don't suppose it would tell me anything that hasn't already been hashed out endlessly over the years).

Fans might be interested in this article


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The Crown season 4 is now on Netflix with Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher. I will be watching this very soon. It has received good reviews.

I thought this selfie with some of the cast is funny.

Olivia Colman Photobomb Gillian Anderson The Crown



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